Jaamal, Feisal and Abdirashid MataanThe chairman of the Justice and Welfare Party “UCID” is the sole Somaliland politician who is motivated and observes the policy of non-profit making as he put the national interest above his own personal interest which is a rare attributes

There is a particular benchmark procedure to measure every purpose of deeds. For example in the event that learners proceeds for question paper on examination, the standard procedure is that, those who scores the top grades be granted the first prices or gifts and those who stood last be encouraged to follow suit to those who stood the top grades. Similarly there is modus to recognize the sincere true citizen and that is contributing constructive responsibility with respect putting national interest before personal interest and I could say without reservation, Faisal Ali Waraabe is the sole Somaliland leader who observe the policy of none self-economical promotion as accustomed by many Somaliland leaders, as many of our political leaders owns shop, restaurants, hotels, companies and shares from business enterprises.


In reality, this is rare characteristics possess by any leader internationally. One can classify him a true citizen of his country. There are many views as to what good citizenship but it is generally labelled as those how performs a role to become a useful member of society. This involves duties and possibilities that may be expressed through laws and regulations, or implied through the recognition of right and wrong. Citizenship, in its general sense, is being part of a community, with the person acquiring the privileges and responsibilities of such citizenship. Particular emphasis must be made on the fact that citizenship is a privilege, and its grant is left to the discretion of the state whose citizenship is being sought. Good citizenship lay mostly in the recognition that members of a community must work together to improve their lives and enhance their relationship with one another. Essential factors toward achieving this include doing volunteer work, initiating community programs, and participating in economic affairs. Some countries recognize the importance of knowing and understanding what good citizenship require and have created citizenship education programs. Education promotes good judgment, thus it is considered an essential factor for good citizenship. A good citizen is a necessary part of a progressive of his country.


As covered by the common convention theory, a government is established to manage interaction among citizens, define an individual’s rights, enforce these rights, and make sure just compensation is obtained when these rights are violated. From this leadership arises good citizenship, allowing every citizen to expect others to accord respect for his or her legally demand-able rights. There are other many characteristics of good citizenship, but the most basic is the moral duty to recognize the rights of others and take care not to infringe upon them. Another important characteristic is the ability to listen to the views of others, because from these views may spring solutions to problems deliberated upon by the community. A good citizen is also willing to adapt to new situations, as well as make quick decisions in matters that need immediate attention. For a society to endure it needs prudent, well-versed leaders; and these are not easy to find.  It is simple to find leaders who go along with “indiscretions” or moral decay, but a decadent nation cannot survive for long.  There is not a day that goes by that a person of esteem, of status, of privilege doesn’t fall from grace. Each person’s self-centeredness quickly affects others. When people live for themselves, focusing on their own best interest with little concern for how their actions affect others, the resulting moral decay contaminates the entire nation.Below is a number of Positive trait characterised by  Faisal Ali Waraabe.



S/N Positive traits characterised   by Faisal Ali Waraabe.
1 helpful and considerate
2 Valuing honesty and truthfulness in oneself and others
3 Sincere performance of duties
4 Recognizing the purpose of rules
5 Contributes to society and to the community by performing civic duty
6 defends the rights of others
7 contributor to the society
8 loves his country and shows patriotism
9 extends common courtesies
10 extends common courtesies
11 Participating  activities & behaviour involve democratic decision
12 valuing free and fair elections and not seek to unfairly influence others


Faisal Ali Waraabe works like none-profit o organization which is focused serving the public benefit rather than accumulation of profits.The most basic difference is that nonprofit corporations cannot operate for profit. The funds acquired by nonprofit corporations stay within the corporate accounts to pay for reasonable salaries expenses, and the activities of the corporation. f the income of a corporation takes effect to the personal benefit of any individual.the corporation is considered to be profit driven. Salaries are not considered personal benefits because they are necessary for the operation to run the corporation.   Few years ago, our house of parliament has passed a constitutional bill affirming that any member of parliament who lost his post after next election is entitled 12 months salaries.  Imagine the collective salaries of 82 members. Consider the salary of each member as US $ 1500. The package of each MP is 1500x 12= 18,000.00 and the total compensation is 18000 x 8= 1, 476,000.00, in other words close to 1.5 million.


This indicates that, this parliament serves their group interest rather than the shared national interest. US $ 1.5 million, we could hire 1000 doctors at a rate of US $ 1500.00. In reality this constitutional bill is more than greediness which means excessive desire of money or more than what is entitled. If our elected members of parliament behave this type of greediness, what do expect a clerk in our local governments?

Few days ago, I have observed a parliamentary inquiry about a corporation conducted an auditor representing the parliament. The question is can they accuse in government official any corporation misconduct when they themselves commit greediness? The logic response is not at all. Therefore our House of Representatives should clean their house before inquiry to clean other houses. In conclusion, Faisal is a role model for Somaliland leader who put his personal as a second priority. last, but not the lease, our house of parliament  show know that charity begins at home. There are two types of wars which are the actual war in the battle field and another which is more valuable war and that is to win the hearts and the minds of the unfortunate portion of the society. Faisal Ali Waraabe engaged the second war which is addressed to capture the hearts and the mind of the underprivileged members of the society  


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