Cabdisamad cali shire

By M.A. Egge

The Taleeh centre of Dohada Gudur saw a landmark and historical event through the local residents’ action of clerical jurisprudence which has just settled a potentially volatile case that was quite a thorny issue for the region’s peaceful stability and security.

The case that is a resultant of unfortunate skirmish between two groups, one being official Majeertenia militia led by former deputy head of state Abdisamed Ali Shire, which left in its spate, eight dead local residents.

A committee of the clergy from the area had set up a court with the consent of both parties and have now passed a verdict that has been similarly accepted, not only by both parties, but by the state hence have earned the people of the area overwhelming praises.

The incident that happened in late 2013 has all along threatened to pit the major two sub-clans which reside in the region against each other once more because of the failure to address the issue in time beforehand.

The jurisprudence committee has thus spelt out their landmark verdict which has confined the crime solely to the person of the former Puntland official and his security details numbering twenty two.

In other words, the accusations that hitherto pointed fingers to the whole sub-clan have now been substantively confirmed to have solely emanated from the former puntaland official only.

The verdict, as assured to us by one of the clergy of the committee that passed it, Sh. Said Ahmed Adar, the litigations and procedural mode of the hearing was conducted according to the rules and regulations of the Islamic jurisprudence.

At the same time, the Taleeh Regional Governor Abdirashid Mohammed Ahmed led credence to the judicial act hence hailed it while terming it as one that would cement the brethren-ship bonds within the residents and boost peaceful stability and security.

The administrator told us soon after the ruling was made on Friday that the state was on the stand-by hence helped to facilitate the committee’s work through both security and funding for the convention.

Local companies, Telesom and Ilays construction, were profoundly thanked for having eked in to the success of the exercise.

The culprit, Abdirashid Ali Shire was present when the ruling against him was read out.

Both friends and foes of the country have hailed the landmark event.