guurtiWhenever elections are around the corner, its fever grips many a nation.

Now that ours is high on the agendas, hullabaloos and un-necessary cries of foul are heard from all quarters that matter.

We do know that political climates usually hot up in electioneering scenarios, but surely, it shouldn’t be the reasons to stir up un-necessary emotions to foment trouble.

Whatever has been the causative agent for having the date of the election being re-scheduled to a whole year later does not really matter today. This is because the same quarters that are wailing loudly today kept mum when their voice mattered.

What is clear though is that the dis-service dealt to the people is theirs to judge now that the pointers to the D’Day have been highlighted.

It remains for the Guurti who have just received notice of the re-scheduling to do the necessary. Voices, both from within the country and abroad, or (for that matter from the citizenry and foreigners) who are ‘warning’ or cautioning the Guurti are un-called for.

For more than two decades the Elders addressed fragile and pertinent issues that bordered religious, cultural, and constitutional and security issues with wisdom that heralded their cue.

To this extent it is our hope that they will do the necessary by living up to their expectations.

Stop coercion, National unity government is illegal

Just as we herein defend the sovereignty of the Guurti and that of our nationhood do we defend that of the administration of the day.

The horns being sounded yelling for a government of national unity is baseless, unfounded and illegal.

We have said this before and we are repeating it quite vividly.

The opposition squandered their chances, failed to do their work of putting government on toes or in check (for they were elected to do just that) hence wasted their time either sitting on their laurels or squabbling on petty issues.

NOT for one single moment have Somalilanders seen any worthwhile matter raised, addressed or delved into by the opposition members or parliamentarians as a whole.

Nobody has any night to call for on illegal “government of national unity” at all. This is simply because it is illegal.

The government has so far played its cards by the rules of the game. They too should adhere to it.

Similarly, the government should not allow for it to be hoodwinked or black-mailed by those who do not have the interests of the land at heart.

Their demands should be rejected with the contempt that they deserve.

However, whatever the stakes, conciliatory tones should never be abused by forcing coercion.

SL is bigger than petty politics.