u3(4)By M.A. Egge

The National Organizing Committee for the 18th May Independence Day Celebrations has urged Somalilanders within the country and abroad to come out strongly for the festivities.

At the same time this year’s celebration has its motto as “Real Recognition by/ from the IC”.

Both the plea and the revelation were announced by the committee’s chairman Hon. Ali Mohammed Waran’adde in his office yesterday.

“We call upon all Somalilanders to come out strongly for the celebrations of this year’s 18th May Independence Day”, urged the Interior Minister in a plea to all patriots within the country and those in the Diaspora.

He continued by revealing, “This year’s motto will be ‘Real Recognition by/from the International Community’ of this country’s sovereignty”.

The Minister who was chairing a meeting of the committee underscored the fact that it was imperative hence worthwhile that the objectives of the long lives-costing struggle was the need of sovereignty whose independence must be underpinned.

“It is incumbent upon us to make it vividly clear to the world community hence depict our true and real aspirations”, said Hon. Waran’adde.

The Interior Minister reminded his colleagues in the committee named by the President that it was their responsibility to coordinate the general organizations of the festivities in a fashionable manner that would have a real impact.

He was flanked by the eloquent Information Minister who is the committee’s spokesman Hon. Abdillahi Mohammed Dahir U’kuse.

The Minister who also holds the Cultural Heritage and National Guidance portfolios said on his part, “You can see the committee members seated here appointed by the Head of State”, and continued, “All Somalilanders are expected to work together to make the day a success.”

 Hon. U’kuse added, “All mayors, regional and area administrators, security committees at all levels and all concerned arms are likewise expected to lend the committee a hand”.

He stressed the fact that the event ought to be made a success because of the importance of the historical nature the day denotes.


  1. I am doing a bbq for friends in my backyard. Does that count as festive? I feel like we need a symbol. Christmas has the pine tree, Halloween has the pumpkin. Maybe a flower native to Somaliland or we light frankincense and light candles to remember the struggle?

    Somaliland should make it a standardized holiday complete with rituals like all nations do.

    What do you guys think?

  2. You are idiot everyday you should be fighting for Somaliland’s sovereignty and mc donalds bbq does not count.