IMG_8113Hargeisa -A debate about Somaliland’s Foreign Policy and the way of searching its recognition organized and hosted by Hargeisa Cultural Center was held in Hargeisa last night.

The event is guested by Mohamed Harun Bihi, British-educated scholar. During the event, Mr Harun presented constrains that prevents Somaliland to get recognition from the international community and the way forward.

“Recognition means that states recognize other state for its existence, but without recognition means that state does not exist legaly“Mr Harun said, “International community recognized us as a country that unite in Somalia in 1960 and still part of it and that became a challenge to Somaliland.” He added.

The event hosted by Hargeisa Cultural Center, a center that strongly advocate for the development of Somali culture in Somaliland and that always stands to exhibit different topics that seems to have advantage to the community. During the discussion, Mr. Harun pointed out that Somaliland-Somali talks as a great political reform for both sides. At the end of the discussion participants asked different questions and he answered there.