By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Minister of Public Works ,Housing and Public Transport  Hon Abdirizaq Khalif Ahmed has issued a ministerial directive which bans local government authorities in the country from allotting land deeds and excludes them from the issuance of decisions in any land legalisation process and dispute resolution processes), identifying land for development, creating land sharing arrangements with immediate effect.

The Press statement which read as follows:

Minister of Public Works, Housing and Public Transport also the chairman of the national committee tasked with reclamation of public properties and government buildings currently in private hands has issued the following directives

1. The Government of Somaliland shall in accordance section 4 & 5 of urban land management law (Law No: 17/2001) and in accordance with section 8 Law No: 17/2001 which stipulates that local authorities shall refrain from granting of new titles specially over land designated for public purposes e.g. mineral designated areas, agricultural lands, beaches and area designated for future public amenities.

2. The Government of Somaliland shall in accordance with section 8 of the Regions & Districts (Self-Management) Law (Law No: 23/2002) prohibits local authorities officials from issuance of document in regards to the

A. Allocation of land or relating to ownership of public Property.

B. Local governments have no authority whatsoever or may not have the power of issuing land documents, Sale and Transfer any land designated for Public amenities and agricultural lands.

C. The ministerial directive do hereby prohibits the sale, transfer, allocation and occupation of government owned buildings this in accordance with Presidential decree # JSL/M/XERM/249-2314 All public buildings and land currently in private hands is to be returned to the government with immediate effect failure to do so one may not qualify for government compensation.

The above ministerial directive goes into effect as of the 10/3/2014 and all governmental agencies concerned and farm owners are do hereby informed has been

 Signed by Minister of Public Works, Housing and Public Transport

Hon. Abdirizaq Khalif Ahmed


  1. "Do as i say and not as i do "start with yourself Mr siilanyo and give up the house you used to occupy when you was the opposition leader, that house is still occupied by your relatives and is registered in your name even thou you don't live there.So Mr president do the right thing and start with your self Muse bixi and all those around you who are illegally occupied farm and houses that belong to the government and public housing and should be given to the right government employees and not because he/she is married to relative of yours.

  2. It is cynical plot and sort of IIdheh iyo xayeysiis. Who can reclaim or redistribute my land? The target is Burco, Shaab area?

  3. As long as i remmeber, the local governments used to manage land, give permission to biuld in the towns and produce ID Cards. Now i Wonder what they will be doing, drink tea and attend to the welcoming of the president and his ministers at any time of their request…..

    • Ahmed,
      Once I had a farm at the outskirts of Burao but after the expansion of the city has finally reached it, then I decided to sell that land by plots. However, apart from 10 roads each 18X400M, the Local Gov't took away from my land an additional land of 50 plots for public services, but unfortunately, the Local Gov't Authority later sold the land alloted for public use to private individuals and today there's no space left for that purpose. Now, I'm thinking about the ways I would sue the former Burco Local Govt. officials who had stolen that land from the public.

      Anyhow, as our Local Governments became real vultures and lost all the credibilities and respects that the public ever had for them, therefore it's the time that the Central Government to take all the necessary measures against these vultures.