By Goth Mohamed Goth  

SomalilandPress-The recently announcement of acquisition by the current government of Road construction equipment has finally materialized with the assorted road works equipment consisting of heavy duty earth excavators, Bulldozers ,tankers ,heavy duty trucks and other assortment of equipment arrived in the country today.

The Minister of Presidential Affairs Hon Hersi Ali Haji Hassan and other top government officials, local elders, chieftains, Sultans and members of the Burao-Erigavo Road funds committee received the assorted equipment at the Kalaybdh custom office, in Gabeliy region.

The Road construction equipment meant to be used in the building of the phase one of Burao-Erigavo road was offloaded from a cargo ship docked in neighboring Djibouti and was received by government officials led the Minister of Presidency in a ceremony in Kalaybdh and was later transferred to officials from Somaliland Roads Agency.

The Presidency Minster said, “I am so pleased and I thank Allah for making these possible today to see the arrival of these equipment safely in the country, as you can see these equipment consists of heavy duty earth excavators, Bulldozers, tankers, heavy duty trucks just to mention a few and we are still expecting more to arrive in the country in the few coming months which includes excavators and Tar mixing equipment such as boilers and lots of other equipment essential for road construction.

Hon Hersi went on to say, “We shall make a public announcement this coming Saturday regarding the amount of funds collected for the road and we shall be honoring all those citizens who have donated and contributed to the road in addition to a list of those persons who have pledged to donate towards the road construction so I do inform those doubting Thomas to wait until Sartuday”,


  1. It's well and good to witness the arrival of these heavy duty equipment destined for the construction of the road between Burao and Erigavo. My question is why did these units came through Djibouti instead of Berbera Port? if the answer lies Berbera is not equipped enough to handle such cargo. Perhaps, we're putting the cart before the horse. My logic tells me that the money would be rather well spent if the improvement of Berbera port was a national priority # 1. I'm just curious..that's all.

    • In regards to your question, I believe Berbera port is more capable of handling such cargoes but the right answer as to why this cargo came via Djibouti is something beyond our knowledge, if it doesn't relate to marine insurance.

  2. That's possibly part of it, thanks for your observations. I guess, no investigative reporting available in Somaliland at the present time..

    • It is because Siilaanyo jails investigative reporters every time they open their mouth or closes their business.

    • I already paid double of your donation and the next round I'm ready to pay the same amount or more Insha' allah because it's worthy anything you pay for it.

      • Good for both you. I did not pay a penny because nobody asked me about donations that were specific to that cause. I guess whoever was in charged did not bother reaching out for the ex-pats in Canada, U.S.A or downunder.

        • Dear osman Qaal
          I think a true somalilander will not wait for some one to come and ask him for the participation to give donation for such great scheme. It is also حسنة جارية إنشاء الله for anyone who make donation to this long awaited road. I raise my hat to Mr. Gulaid and any true somalilander like him. We will not stop to pay for only one time, cause the compeletion of this road will take a long time.

          • Osman Qaal,
            I over heard that there had been disputes among the Somaliland communities in North America over these road donations after certain supporters of Somaliland Opposition Parties politicized it which is in fact too bad. Anyway, as some members of the Roads Committee told us there will be a heavy delegation arriving to North America in due course solely for that purpose, so be prepared for their approach.

          • Gulaid,
            I don't think there're somalilander communities in dispute in North America. The dispute you heard possibly exists among the khat chewing junkies which usually dissipates as soon as their nightly session is adjourned. Anyhow, thanks, for the heads up, I can't wait to see the delegation as they arrive in NA..

          • Ameen,
            I see your point but It's hard to justify though of throwing money up in the air and hopping it'll miraculously fall down in the right hands.

  3. The equipments are not new, but scraps lying in Dubai for a number years. Have anyone of you physically seen the equipment? The answer is no.

  4. hey folks..this project of burao-erigabo road construction is no jokes.
    Cos Hon. Hersi is behind it and bent to see it through asap.

  5. If you drop gold on their lap some people will always say yea but….Who cares if they are new or old as long as they can excute the job that they were bought to do. In the real world, you have to prioritise/manage your costs effectively, particularly when you're short of resources.

  6. Kadabaa. Kadabaa. waa guul. waa guul , ninkii hadlayaa ha iska hadlee walee guuli way muqataa. wataa mantaba la soo bandhigay qalab casri ah oo somaliland wadooyin logu diso , waaa guul , waaa guul.

  7. Anyone who listened to Sooran, the comedian, knows what this is about. If they are serious about the construction of this road why can't they start the project from the capital of Sanaag, Erigavo? Clearly this whole thing is a project to siphon off the money. By the time the term of this corrupt and unpopular government ends her term in office by next election the road will end up in Garadag and all the money would be swindled by Xirsi and Siilaanyo. That i Siilaanyo's plan. That is Hersi's plan. I won't contribute a single dime to this project which is one of Siilaanyo's Garadag conference mandates.

    • I hear you Abdi and i am sure they are just show photo opportunity time for xirsi tooriile & Cow face dhuxul,but the sooner this corrupt mafia goes the better so we can start the work from Ceerigaabo and pay our solders in sanaag whom have been neglected by government.

      • The caravan is moving on and let the dogs bark! Dir cunno waa sheelo ku taal Isaaq waase laga tashaday.

    • You are just a very sick man Abdi, you just chatting shhhh from mafrash theories and you follow meat eating clan cannibals , waar yur yur yur baa somaliland idin tidhi.

        • Mr Shimbiris

          There are individuals still stuck in a time warp, wallowing in self-pity and paranoid about healthy criticism. It is as if they have had enough of what we call the "politics of grievance'', and never know that the time has come for them to stop seeing themselves as victims of criticism. Osman Qaal, M.cheers, Buuxiye, Guleed, Hassan, Ku rujiye kama kace, Abdikarim, Gelle and many many others belong to this kind of people. Don't pay attention to them. Povery of understanding and other incurable diseases are holding them back.

      • You have never seen the superior grasslands (bananka) of Dhgxanyacado, Xodayo and Gaashaamo. Neither have you been to other settlements like qudhacdheer, xasgul or others. There are specific plants that grow and are unique to xasgul settlement that you can not even name. If you are serious and from Gaashaamo you should be able to tell us the name of these plants unique only to xasgul?
        Second you have made yourself a member of the Xaarwalwaal clan. The Dung beetle clan are a collection of Siilaanyo supporters.

  8. Shimbiriis/Abdi/Kulluc
    With all due respect, it seems that you, Abdi and kulluc have your heads stuck far enough up your own butts to hear any common sense.

    • When a dung beetle becomes too busy rolling dung it thinks common sense people are distracting her from her rolling business. Be it known dung beetle we care less whether you are rolling feces or not but we will continue to tell the truth and lay it bare for all to see. Now you can sink in your business and keep on rolling.

    • Osman Qaal,

      People learn through books, school and college. They collect lot of concepts and get imprisoned by what they learn. When they see and know something in the outer world there is a struggle. The struggle to see and know in the light of what you know from your past. The past and present should fit into your pattern. So what you know from your present seems more important than what you know from your past. If we don't refer to past it means that we are applying something new to the present. Unfortunately, you are caught in the trivail parts of life and missing seeing the whole. Without leaving your room you want to see the fastness of the sky. To take a leap, you have to have an adult perspective and not a childish perspective. A policy revolving just around Bale Calane and Burco City Palaza – inward not outward one – does not make you see the bright side of Somaliland politics. Somaliland national vision is much deeper and broader than that.

      Pls try your best to understand what I literally mean. Refrain from saying that " KULUC, you are trying to explain physics to a physics teacher in a parking lot."

      • If you're still struggling what I meant by that. It simply meant you're explaining something I already knew. In the context of the topic about books you've touched on. Scientific text book are meaningless as one doesn't acquire the intelligence to grasp in order to attain the their contents. So, if you read countless books in your lifetime and you''re unable recall their core concepts, let alone of using them, you have unfortunately, wasted your valuable time away with nothing. I wouldn't wish anyone else to be in your predicament.

        One more thing, I wasn't bragging as I mentioned B/Calane and City Plaza in my comments I was in fact trying to point out I know places to unwind and collect my thoughts so I can feel free from the North American hectic lives for a moment have I had the opportunity to visit my motherland in the future.

        • This means that you have the image of your spouse and boss, and this image is a product of your imppressions and ideas. Drain the cup of restriction and fill it with sensitivity and sensation.
          This will help you see what you have not seen, known and read before.

          • Kuluc: For the Dung beetles group, of which Osman Qaal is a leading lieutenant, there is nothing trivial when it comes to defending Siilaanyos' rape of the country and its finances. For them every move Siilanyo makes is a transaction that spells $$Dollar$$. They don't care about Balli Weyn (Balli Calanleh is part of Balli Weyn settlement). BalliCalanleh a village of few hut muds and swarms of mosquito is not a place one would retire and he knows that. If he thinks he can retire reading books at the lizard (mas cagaley) infested trees surrounding the balli he is not serious but dwelling on dreams. The best way to deal with the Dung Beetle clan is to ignore them and let them be busy doing the rolling.

          • Abdi

            Intrigues – dogmatic refusal to get out of tribal enclave is at the core of Osman Qaal's intellectual growth. He never understands that the danger of tribalism is that people will understand you. Nor does he have the feeling that almost all Somaliland people have come to know what his uncle, Siilaanyo is. I think he will commit suicide when Sillaanyo's corrupt adminstration is booted out in the coming election.

          • KULUC ,
            Are you still hanging around? Whenever I visit this blog the first thing I usually see is your never ending personal attacks and lies about anybody who doesn't agree with your nonsensical ideas. By the way, I was the guy who raised City Plaza and B/Calanle to Osman Qaal and there's nothing wrong with that. Did I mention your Cadaadley, Gadhka Warsame Xaad, Banka Qoryaale, Benderwanaag, Dhubato, Haleeya etc.? Anyhow, I believe that Osman Qaal is a youngman who has grown up in North America and never been to these places before, but I wish him now to come home and see the beautify of his land. Besides that, plz drop down the dirty clan card that you play every time and then, and behave like a grown and civilized man. This is the best advice I can give you for the being.

          • Kama Kace,

            Discuss legacies or landscape? Take up serious issues of the day, by all means disagree but for god’s sake, keep it civil and cool down, bleak minds never produce anything,lol

          • Kuluc: Ku-rujiye Kama-kace, a name that spells ciyaala suuqnimo is one of the leading Generals of the Dung Beetles clan. Gadhka Warsame Xaad is not properly stated. The proper way to say it is "Xorfada Gadhka Ilma Warsame Xaad", a place very close to my heart, which unlike Balicalanle does not have swarms of mosquito or lizard infested trees. In Ballicalanle there was a one villager called "Xaajiga" who used to talk to these lizards. He was a poor man and yet he will always be chewing qat. No one could figure how this could happen. People used to say he is married to a jin wife. His wife had alot of sheep but nobody would purchase her sheep and she had to bring it to Burao where she sold her sheep. The Xaaji used to frequently visit another village called Ina Shansha Cadde (another village in Balli Weyn settlement) as it too has trees infested with lizards.
            Balli Weyn is where Xirsi Beenaale said he joined SNM. I was there in 1983 when I attended Burao's Sheikh Yussuf Al-Kowneyn middle school and I never saw him. I even never heard his name. But a beenale would say anything to get a credit. Even Siilaanyo never came to Taala Buur his birth village which lies on the Southern edge of Balli Weyn settlement.

  9. Osman Qaal: You must belong to the "Dung Beetles" collection, promoters of Siilaanyo's revisionist history. Like a dung beetle you spend your time rolling mounds of dung. Dung beetles think rolls are no longer a dung. But a dung will always remain what it is (a dung). You can roll Siilaanyo's history anyway you want but whatever you roll or gloss will not change the fact it is a dung. The facts will speak for itself. Here are the indisputable facts of Siilanyo's hitory.
    Siilaanyo's indisputable history is as follows:
    1. Swindled £500,000 from SNM Coffers purchasing his first home with help from Dhiigshiil.
    2. Divided SNM senior military officers into Red flag and white flag groups.
    3. Became a warlord in 1992 when he forced HJ ministers to withdraw from Abdirahman Tuur and Hassan Essa's first post SNM civilian government.
    4. Was the first presidential candidate to introduce absolute tribal loyalty by holding exclusive meeting with his clan at Garadag. What kind of a leader will say I want my clan loyalty first. Clan loyalty results in advancing the interests of the clan before the interest of the nation. That is a fact any 7 year old understands. It is exactly what he is doing now showering his clan with contracts for road construction, airport construction etc. Fired government employees and filled their positions with HJ illiterate youth who only know how to swindle like their uncle. It is why the minister of finance is complaining we are not getting enough taxes from Burao. Where does Burao's taxes go?
    5. Turned our foreign affairs into a joke by describing our genocide as atrocity.
    6.Fired the man (Engineer Mohamed Hashi) who engineered the doubling of public employee salaries.
    7. Gave Ibrahim 20% of Oodweyne block.
    8. Divided Burao with a red line into East and West with its tribes not crossing into each other.
    9. Gave Genel contracts to his country men. The list is endless but I will stop here for now.

        • You are the one who said £500,000 was mortgage money. I was showing you the mortgage excuse has no credibility. So where did the £500,000 come from? Does Siilaanyo have a class when he swindled that money from the SNM orphans? Anon once said, "One had better not rush, otherwise dung comes out rather than creative work." So you and your dung beetle group should keep on rolling dungs

  10. Abdi,

    F.Y. I, dung beetles are relatively speaking known to have a high level of intelligence. Thus, I were you I wouldn't be saying that much negativities about them.
    If you and a dung beetle were having a debate of any topic on an equal playing field, of course, I will confidently be betting on your opponent as the winner. Remember that saying goes, until the lions have their own historian the history of hunt will always glorify the hunter. Squat on that for a moment.

  11. Osman Qaal,

    Osman Qaal,

    People learn through books, school and college. They collect lot of concepts and get imprisoned by what they learn. When they see and know something in the outer world there is a struggle. The struggle to see and know in the light of what you know from your past. The past and present should fit into your pattern. So what you know from your present seems more important than what you know from your past. If we don't refer to past it means that we are applying something new to the present. Unfortunately, you are caught in the trivail parts of life and missing seeing the whole. Without leaving your room you want to see the fastness of the sky. To take a leap, you have to have an adult perspective and not a childish perspective. A policy revolving just around Bale Calane and Burco City Palaza – inward not outward one – does not make you see the dark side of Somaliland politics.

    Pls try your best to understand what I literally mean. Refrain from saying " KULUC, you are trying to explain physics to a physics teacher in a parking lot."

  12. Masha allah good news for the Erigavo Burao Road, at last the doubters can't stand the truth because of thier deep rooted misconception and negativity. Why would they NOT "give credit where its due" .
    Any thing positive they don't like what kind of creatures are these people soo much hate subhanalah, may Allah guide them since its Friday all we can do is pray for our dear brother and sisters to hear good, wish goodness for themselves and others alike and aspire hope in life rather than doom and gloom, forgive and forget the past and think forward for the brighter future. How can you deny this heavy equipments that has just arrived in the soil of Somaliland for building the road of Erigavo Burao Road? Am sure these kind of people even the road is completed one day and they drive over it they will still deny the truth, what amazing creature are they?

    In brief, indeed this is a wonderful and great news for this Adminstration to implement this road construction, for the denial sceptics that can't be convinced because they simply do not want it to happen under the watch of this Kulmiye Adminstartion and in conclusion its what you can clearly say it pure jealousy and they can't bear the truth and the only truth but the truth. All we can say God guide them to the right path so that they can see light at the end of the tunnel "ammen".

    • Hey,

      If any one or any party is to be blamed of jealousy, it is Qudhmiye party. History tells us that Qudhmiya was a clan-led party. The push and pressure behind Qudhmiye was and still is Tolaayey. The day is not far off when it will collapse and crumble. No doubt about that.

  13. Any one missing with a development project in Somaliland is a cheap idiot. The opposition not come up with political agenda of their own and are now trying to sub-attaching these development projects. To hell you go! these projects will be completed and you will never be elected to government, because you do not possess neither the mental capacity nor the dignity to earn the respect of the majority.

    • And who the hell make you in charge for the majority big mouth speak about yourself only,and remember you have one vote! that's if you are in the country if not then bad luck.

    • @Burka
      :=) Mental capacity and dignity is surely what Qudhmiye party don't have after all what happen in the parliament. i can ensure you no body's clapping for Qudhmiye government unless you are xirsi beenaale.

  14. Dear Somalilanders we as humans will always have difference of opinion on many things that's what make us individual, we can also sometimes agree to disagree, there are some people who take options and twist them the wrong way, healthy criticism is good for our country lets not take things the wrong way round.
    Viva Somaliand and all it's noble people.

  15. |i would like this site to higlight where is every comment commiung from(meaning to have at least the flag of the country so to know) are these people in the country talking about something they see or hear.


    I could not agree more than what you have said. Many people are happy with the way the country is going. We use to hear this and that but never have seen the boom in the last few years the country have seen. Hotelas are busy and that shows the demand there is and safey stability.

  16. I am aware that many buinsess people are eyeing Somaliland. I am aware of a nmber of larege private hospitls well be annoced soon, a number of fish factories are being planned by at lease to large europen privat fund eying the fiheires. In addition to a big resort palnned by a large hotel chain. There are many things will be happining in th enear future.

    I am sure those just talking know dep in their heart they can not do anything apart from talking and paiting every one with the brush they carry (corruption and mischive).

    That does not mean that people there is no corruption in the current government but at least we see positive things in the country.

    Once that road is build the biggest change will happen and wait and see….