By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

On May18, 1991, to change the course of the world history and redraw political map of Somali peninsula, a visionary team of Hassan Ise jama, former First Deputy President of Somaliland, of Ibrahim Maygag Samatar, late Chief Economist and Senior Official( ex-finance minister, ambassador of Somalia among other titles) ,  and others led by the late president Abdirahman Ahmed Ali “Tuur” declared Somaliland as an independent entity completely different from Somalia when Mogadishu plunged into dead-end conflict while the incumbent president of Somaliland was among their audience with little say in the decision except to accompany them a big applause. But he is luckier than all his predecessors: now he is making business out of it and negotiating with Hawiya over Somaliland to return to former status quo, a part of Somalia, if his personal and occasionally his clannish cronies needs are met without seeking any acceptance from Guurti or others.  How time brings its change! From mere listener to sole decision maker! Few sycophant MPs are out there awaiting their palms to be lubricated.  Mr. President let’s make that happen quicker and see the dramatic outcome like never before.

Today, the political crisis to which Somaliland swims in is, in fact, more precarious than any other preceding years; neither in 1991 nor in 1994 was seen Hawiye elders and ministers with their unity dogmas openly trampling over Hargaysa Mass Graves whom killed en mass by  Somalia national army as well as mercenary soldiers from overseas! this national treason in full view of everyone coincides only four days left to mourn worldwide for tens of thousands who’ve fell dead or severely maimed in defense of liberty and freedom for the next generation, elders from Somalia clandestinely arrived at the Egal Airport International with little anticipation, heavily guarded and escorted to Morgan’s Villa to preach unabashedly the pros of the unity to the victims of the ill-fated union of Somaliland and Somalia. Hawiya’s elders, to be blunt, are oppressive unionist wolves far worse than Sayid Bare’s but in sheep’s clothing, beware of their contagious virus.

“Neither the president nor the VP attended the reburial of about thousands of dear relatives perished in the liberation war” said by Consultation Forum in Hargaysa. So what diluted his faith in his people and his country? Turkish bucks perhaps. Finance is more powerful than bullets, those refused to give up at the gunpoint, money trapped them.

Somaliland people in power seem non-committal about people’s future political choice and rethought on the secession. This is not mere assertion but the evidence is clear unless you are politically manipulated and tribally raped:  Silanyo’ s coteries participated in London Conference after they fed Guurti properly and in Investment forum in Nairobi about Somalia to be  given some monies. Facts, but again when you look at the refusal decision of UN Office in Hargaysa, their abandonment of the previous position is quite blurred.  I want to be a fair to them.

However they changed their mind for the false allurement: power or wealth in Somalia or division of foreign aid, Somaliland issue is societal consensus and irreversible.

Age or dementia or “minor stroke” is said to render Silanyo an ineffective ruler or a puppet to “religious” brutal thugs to further their regional detrimental agenda. But the president becoming ghoul of his Comrades-In-War Grave and Mass Graves of innocent masses was beyond expectation.

As quixotic as a restoration of Somalia’s catastrophic unity, Hawiye elders equipped with proper ammunition for Somaliland so called “kitchen cabinet”: Turkish cash with rare magnanimity, are dispatched to Somaliland political livestock “market” to logroll.  But veracious people swore God that unity belongs to the past, and Somaliland belongs to the present and to the future. It is a done deal.

Incorruptible people of Somaliland were the moving engine of SNM armed struggle. They    chose this political path, UDI, fully aware of its dire consequences. One’s to heed their decision and never waste effort on irreversible thing.

Prior to the nineties,  Somalilanders suffered martyrdom, wipeout of major cities.  And later faced global isolation but remained resilient for their just cause,   but no one expected elders from Mogadishu and remnants of the brutal regime who prayed God the destruction of Somaliland for decades would dare to travel to Hargaysa in order to desecrate the Martyrs Cemetery with blessing of the president compromising Somaliland’s national sovereignty internationally.

The fifth column might mislead Somalia claiming the public are severely polarized on clan lines or sham party vs. fake party, and they are tired of recognition. It is not true; most of the people prefer living in isolated, stagnant Somaliland to living with rather wealthy troublesome partner without any faith in God who betrayed their tribe, country, and religion.  Nothing good came out of Mogadishu as I far as I know, therefore; Somaliland disassociated itself from Somalia without any remorse , and it is a time to change the prefix of Somaliland to shun pejorative sense being associated with Somalia, not to rejoin them.

If sanity is their guiding principle which I think it’s not, the elders from Somalia realized Somaliland public reached a point of no return and needless revolutionary anthems to play, and hopefully won’t release nonsensical report of x tribe is less faithful in Somaliland or y tribe is hijacked or Somaliland is imposed upon z clan at the gunpoint when they get back to their precinct to get paid for their conspiracy mission.

Though we disagree with each other almost on everything but agree on Somaliland to stay an independent country forever by every means possible.  The decision to go to Mogadishu simply to co-devour Turkish aid with Hawiye’s ex brutal warlords and nuclear dump contractors and then accepts reunion is out of the way, you Somalis don’t be simplistic.  Moreover, that decision to abandon sovereignty is neither in the hand of the ageless president nor in the hand of the fifth column who always tries to undermine our strategic goal. 

We’ll never ever abandon our dearly earned freedom for abstract idea of outdated dogmas of unity and love of Greater Somalia or for the sake of Afghani trained Sheikh’s Hadith or Saudi’s Fatwa or the world’s complete denial of our right to self-determination. We’ll never ever give our land to Somalia or to Sheikh Hasan or to Turkey’s Muslim ongoing negotiation in Ankara or to Puntland, we made mistake in the sixty and we’ll never do it again … no way.  We’ll never jeopardize our 20 something year old friendly relations with Ethiopia to please our phantom enemies. We can’t be more unequivocal than that. But I know you still keep coming back thinking we are sitting on the fence on sovereignty.

You Mogadishu people, pathological liars, can send elder delegates with Turkish money bags to all over the place to shake the bedrock of Somaliland as many times as you wish or shower us with flatteries: “you love Somalinimo or Somali brotherhood” to fool us again but it is a waste of time and money as we are sick to death of flatteries.

 Our memory indelible, as vivid as yesterday and your brutality always haunts us, your Nazi blue flag frightens our children, men and women alike whenever we see it and need to be replaced immediately.

So apologies for atrocities are not enough, only God can unmake the bitter past and undo what is done to us. Neither we nor President Silanyo can undo. So even if our recognition ruins Somalia, sorry, but we still adamantly want it.

The writer is a Somaliland activist and senior editor at The Democracy Chronicles, African news edition.




  1. I’m inclined to disagree on how the writer of this article characterized Silanyo’s health or personally attacked the President of Somaliland. But, the heart of the debate should be how the current administration fumbled in the negotiating table when it accepted the term, “Atrocity” rather than “genocide” when discussing how Somalia regime of Siyad Barre with the power and the resources of the State have categorically killed/massacred thousand of Somaliland citizens.

    THAT to me is impeachable offence and unacceptable CRIME against the people of Somaliland. I really don’t care how much money this administration took, stolen or otherwise, but the pain is for them accepting the lesser legal term of atrocity rather than genocide for crimes against humanity. They equated the issue of clan wars of Somalia such as Hawiye on Hawiye violence rather than State versus innocent people.

  2. This article is disgusting full of tribalism and hatred towards our neighbors and this article and the real lander seeking justice you are not even from Somaliland and that you are a darod pretending from Somaliland and you have no place in Somaliland, and you the author of this disgusting article and offensive article which doesn’t represent Somaliland and how dare you steal my Independence day to insult Somaliland, the people, the president and our neighbors tribe who have not done anything to Somaliland. Somaliland will never join or unit with Somalia ever again and Somaliland has been on it’s own for nearly 25 years and Somaliland this article is full of garbage with tribalism and slander against the president and the people of Somaliland and this person who wrote this article is ignorant and has a blind hatred and what hawiays done to Somaliland and they are not the ones who destroyed Somaliland and this man and the real lander seeking justice are nothing but darods who hates hawiays and hawiays respect Somaliland and the elders came to Somaliland to praise the leaders their that our country is a good example to the failed state in Somalia and that they want to learn from Somaliland and they have not said anything about Unity and they said that Somaliland deserves to be recognized and you guys are a bunch of cowards attacking and insulting a defenceless bunch of senior citizens who can’t defend themselves and from a tribe who has done nothing bad to Somaliland and we all know that you darod destroyed Somaliland and everyday millions of them come to Somaliland and especially khatamo who hates Somaliland and they don’t Somaliland to get recognized and you guys fear them and let me tell you something. Somaliland is a country which does not tolerate tribalism or slander or taking its aggression on innocent people who done nothing wrong and the hawiays are not the enemies here, they are the investors in Somaliland as well those who live in Somaliland, and they a respect to our nation and darods don’t even acknowledge SOmaliland and they always protest that Somaliland does not exist and that they are using that we have illegal entered into Soool and saanaag and they belong to Us and Somaliland will not hesistate to capture garowe and bososso, galakyco, who destroyed SOmaliland darods not hawiays and who destroyed Somalia destroyed Darods who was said barre darod and you are certainly retard no body is worse then Siiad barre may he rot in the fires of hell and you are going to say that the hero mahamed Farah aided was the siadd barre and that goes our late president Egal may those 2 heros rest in Peace. Those opposition parties in Somaliland are hyporcrite and no will vote for wadani or ucid.

    • It is obvious that your emotional out pour will only dilute the debate and the actual issues that need to be addressed. Just because people disagree with you doesn’t make them lesser or non-Landers. This is exactly what Faysal Ali Warabe said about reer Burco. You need to have a thick skin to deal with the criticism directed at your uncle Silanyo. No one seems to insult Somaliland, the nation and its institutions. But you need to chill and join the debate without name calling.

      Horaa loo sheegay in caatifadu madax marto kooxdaas. Odayga looma jeedo adeer, isagaaba da’ah oo dhowaan iska tegi. “Hadday Geeri ku Deyso Gabow baan ku Deynayn! “

      • Excuse me Fake Somalilander you are not even from Somaliland how dare you come and insult me and act like civilized man and instead of acting like a coward I expressed my own opinion and I have join the topic and this doesn’t concern you, I was taking about this pig who wrote this article and insulting tribe is against Somaliland’s ethics and for you it’s okay to insult an innocent tribe and because I hate darod does make a bad guy.

      • You Somaliland allow dhowr are a tribalist and a hyprcrite please convert to islam from your faith of christanity you don’t know what the meaning of the word hypocriacy is you have insulted me and said that my uncle is the president and we don’t share the same tribe and I am from the isaq which you are not and you tell uncle abdiweli ali gaas that Somaliland will capture your cities.

  3. Fake Somaliland Allow dhowr, you are not even from Somaliland, if makes fun of a tribe who has not done anything whatsoever to Somaliland I have right to fight back and give me proof that I have insulted this author of the comment and I am not politician and I said that it is un Somalilander do insult one tribe and one nation and calling people names and insulting the governemtn like what your friend did is wrong and when I said that ucid and waddani parites are faqash parties that’s true and they said that those elders should leave the country and who will vote for them and they are not real landers and that goes for you and this author. You ought to a calm down.
    I have insulted any bodies mother or called any body any names no and I have right to express my opinion and prove to me that hawiays attacked Somaliland. Your just mad because I am standing up for Hawaiyas and my country Somaliland which got insulted and how do you that this man is from Somaliland this is from puntland not from Somaliland and he is from the dhulbante clan who hates Somaliland.