By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Mayor of Hargeisa Hon Abdurrahman Mohamed Aideed (Solteco) presided over a ground breaking ceremony for a new  1 KM and 402M long tarmac road to be constructed  in section B of Jig Jiga yar Koodbur district and which upon completion will connect with the existing main Jig Jiga yar tarmac road.

Hon Solteco speaking at the event also revealed plans by the city council to fund the construction of a new bridge in Jig jiga yar at the cost of $50, 000 this year.

“Roads are an integral part of the transport system; our capital road network should be efficient in order to maximize economic and social benefits but most of all they play a significant role in achieving national development and contributing to the overall performance and social functioning of the community, he said.

The Hargeisa City Council has for the past helped in the construction of almost all new tarmac roads although the Lack of access to good road networks is a major constraint on the incomes and welfare of the poor, quantifying the precise impact of this constraint is challenging.

The local government authorities have popularized this belief by emphasizing that for any economy to develop, transport must start off first for it to later stimulate other sectors to develop in an orderly fashion, with members of the public providing 40% of the funds used in construction of the new roads.