By Goth Mohamed Goth

SL Army Colonel Yusuf Farah Sharmake, the Chairman of Somaliland Armed Forces Courts has sentenced to death by firing squad a policeman officer who is accused of killing prominent businessman the late Hussein Gacme –Dheera at the same time handing a 10 year sentence to another policeman accused of being an accomplice in the murder.

“At 2: 30 pm Wednesday the Military court handed down the death sentence to the accused police officer Mohamed Abdullah Abdi while at the same time sentencing to 10 years to be served in a high security military prison to his accomplice fellow police officer Mohamed Ahmed Ismail, for aiding him to escape and misleading the court by providing false information, “said Col Yusuf Farah.

The presiding Chairman of the armed forces court added, “At the time of the murder the two officers were manning an unsanctioned roadblock in Konton district of Maroodi Jeh which it said they used to extort motorist plying the route.