By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Somaliland Minister of Industry and Investment Dr. Omer Shoaib Mohamed who is currently visiting Egypt met with government officials and businessmen to discuss increasing trade exchange with that country.

The Trade Minister on Friday visited the Egyptian industrial city of Badr to witness the industrial revolution made by Egyptian factories, such as in pharmaceutical and food industries, leather, textile, electrical, as well as the heavy and medium industries.

During the visit, Somaliland delegation met with Egyptian Ministry of Industry and trade officials and businessmen, investors, and a tour of the residential and industrial city, especially pharmaceutical and food industries, electric transformer plants and facilities.

Mr. Bahaa al-Adly, Chairman of  Badr city Investors Association (Badran) said the visit aimed at increasing the volume of trade exchange between Somaliland and Cairo, particularly as the large market and promising for all industries and Egyptian products and what distinguishes us from a good reputation in Africa in the fields of medicine and construction.

Mr. Adly added, “There are great opportunities for Egyptian investors to visit Somaliland on the ground to see the direction the market there and the desire of the population in any kind of Egyptian products, which recognized for in Africa.

Mr. Tariq Bilal , Secretary General Investors Association said, “Somaliland has a large purchasing power and the demand of Egyptian products is high in that country.

Somaliland port of Berbera, which will contribute to the movement of trade between the two countries and proximity to the Egyptian border and the international airport, increasing export them opportunities.

Minister of Industry and Investment said that Somaliland’s market accommodates all Egyptian products because our purchasing power is very high and the trust in the quality of Egyptian products, especially in the pharmaceutical and leather industry and electrical tools and food, architecture, noting the lack of local skills in identifying counterfeit products.