egal AirportBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Minister of Civil Aviation and Air Transport has refuted carried in “Ogaal” a local Somali language daily terming the reports as false and baseless.

In a press statement released last night by the ministry of Aviation Spokesperson Mr. Saddam Mohamed Ahmed in response to a false report highlighted in Ogaal newspaper stated as follows-

The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air Transport refutes in the strongest terms report carried in Ogaal newspaper Edition #2243 published on 13/ April/2014 which read as follows “The Minister of Civil Aviation accuses residents living in the South Fringes of the city of Hargeisa having being planning to grab land belonging to Egal Airport for personal gains”.

The Somali language newspaper also alleged that the Aviation Minister was quoted while making the statement by state owned media.

The Ministry of Aviation would like to state that the report is baseless and lacks merit; at no time did the Minister of Aviation make such remarks against the residents living in the South Fringes of Hargeisa.

 “It’s clear that the false report was meant to sow bad seeds with the intention of creating animosity and damage the existing cordial working relations between the Ministry of Aviation and the local district committee which represents the community and led by the Grand” , Spokesperson said.

The Ministry of Aviation demands an official apology from the management of Ogaal newspaper or else we shall be forced to take appropriate measures