By Hassan Ali Mahdi

A one day Information seminar on Quality Control Mechanisms for Quality control specialists sometimes referred to as quality assurance or quality engineer technicians, design, test and which are in compliance with local and international norms.


Head of Quality control Board Mr. Bikalo speaking bat the function said, “Quality control inspectors or engineers work in the manufacturing industry to reduce the potential for errors in making a product. They monitor quality standards for almost every manufactured item during each stage of the manufacturing process. Through formal education and on-site training in quality control, applicants gain the necessary tools to improve products.

The Director General in Ministry of Industries M., Abdi Gurey addressing the participants taking part in the quality training program said “Quality control employees must possess strong math and communication skills, mechanical abilities and hand-eye coordination. They also need to know how to interpret blueprints, manuals and other data-based specification.


Dissemination seminar on quality assurance mechanisms which was held today and which attracted private sector workers attended by officials from the Ministry of Industries and quality control board representatives who were given detailed information about the seminar and recommendations for the improvement of research quality management both at the institutional and national level and with a Special focus of the presentation whose purpose was on research quality assurance.

Many quality control employers require candidates to be familiar with the specific industrial trade or workshops where quality control technicians can learn about safety and environmental impacts and regulatory changes.