By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hon.  Hinda Jama Hersi Gaani, the Minister of Employment, Social and Family Affairs flanked by the minister of Youth and Sports and the minister of Justice on Saturday jointly launched the national conference on Child rights.

The two-day conference aims to showcase and provide information regarding progress in children’s legal rights and the organizations that are taking the initiative to bring about improvements.

Mr. Mohamed Aden “Ilka-case”, the director –general in Ministry of Employment, Social and Family Affairs in his opening remarks said, “The two days conference aims to curve out strategy’s which are related to effective social protection programmes linked to child rights and protection and in view of the priority given to vulnerable groups and commitment to address deprivations as well as functional coordination of various implementing ministries and agencies to achieve better results for the disadvantaged including children in Somaliland.

The minister of Justice speaking during the opening of the conference said, “Somaliland had formally launched the Juvenile Justice Law. The primary aim of this Law is to provide fair justice system aimed at protecting and promoting the physical and mental well-being and personal development of each child while fostering the child’s sense of dignity and worth.

Brig. Gen. Abdirahman Liban Ahmed “Fooxle” said, “The Somaliland police is introducing provisions protecting the rights of children in legal proceedings. We have established various new institutions such as Children’s Courts, Children’s Police, Social Probation Office, Children Pre-trial Detention Centres, and Children Rehabilitation Centres in addition to various procedures and processes which are not yet in operation in Somaliland.

Hon. Hinda Jama Hersi Gaani, the Minister of Employment, Social and Family Affairs addressing the participants stated, “Since being appointed to my current portfolio, and in line with Somaliland national plan the ministry has achieved by providing education and healthcare for children throughout the country.
Participants in the conference included the Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs ,the deputy minister of interior and other stakeholders who are key actors in the Juvenile justice system – judges, prosecutors, police, immigration department, custodial corps officers, officials from the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Employment, Social and Family Affairs , parliamentarians, civil society representatives, traditional elders, religious leaders, academicians and regional justice for children committees. Several street children who have been in contact with the law and youth representatives also actively participated in the proceedings and shared their experiences.