ddddBy Gulaid Dalha
After a hotly contested basketball, in which Mohammed Allo and Jig Jiga Yar squared off, in Tima Adde Basketball Stadium, Mohamed Allo squad emerged as the vicar after it scored 48 points over their rivals Jig Jiga Yar 47 points. The basketball tournament was intended to promote social integration of youth in the city.
The tournament which was a joint sporting activity, was highly organized. Eight teams were competing for the cup. Among teams include: Abaarso Tech, Jigjiga Yar, Tima-adde, Eyaar-same, Ahmed Guray, and Facebook. Hundreds of spectators were watching at the game. Both teams attempted to attain the victory. Each team was also striving to layups, three-pointers, runners and elbow jumpers. But every time the ball left their fingertips, the Mohammed Allo team seemed to be building toward something bigger and better, toward the brightest stage. They tried their best to demonstrate quite exciting game.
The other team, JigJiga Yar was also displaying much more interesting game. Finally, Mohammed Allo squad won the game and when the final buzzer sounded, the players forming a frantic mob at center court as silence fell over the sellout crowd. Such games are always held in Somaliland and particulary at Tima Adde Basketball stadium to further proceed the youth integration in the country.
The government also spurs youth to the continuation of the games as a way of developing politeness, integrity, character and physical stability. At the end, the winners are picked up to nurture and square off the regional competitions held in Somaliland annually.
On the other hand, youth in Somaliland see as better step taken forward that encourages them toward the success. They also demand from the NGOs and governmental institutions to sponsor their necessary uniforms and expenses. The youth also believe that this is the easiest way, as the sake of integration that will foster unity and respect among them