The Minister of Sports, Youth &Tourism Hon Ali Said Raygal presided over a graduation ceremony held for over 210 youth who have graduated with special skills from HAVAYOCO technical training Project.

Hon Ali Said Raygal speaking during the graduation lauded HAVAYOCO for initiating innovative projects with the purpose of preparing the youth for job market with the necessary skills that empower them with life planning skills and knowledge of positive planning.

The head of HAVAYOCO Vocational education and training Project  Mr. Jimacle Yusuf said that the project has mainly benefited youth from Maroodi Jeeh  and Awdal regions and that the organization has helped youth to set up small scale businesses so as to enhance employment.

Mr Jimacle said that an increased number of young people are currently participating in different vocational training activities and improving on their capacity building through mainstreaming sustainable training skills in various programs.

“It is anticipated that by the end of the project period, there will be realization of positive living and reduced levels of dependency among young people in project Regions”, said Mr Jimcale.

Among those attending the function were the minister of fisheries and marine resources Hon Abdillahi Jama Osman (Geeljire) and the assistant minister of education for Higher learning.

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  1. It's a shame that view self interest people are misguiding and misleading young Somali girls/boys, who have the potential to become the future leaders. I urge you (young north-westerners) to abandon the lies and tricks of the self centred separatists, who are mainly created to give you a falls hope and to misguide you. They've told you hoax lies for 20+ years, and they are willing to continue with these lies for another 20+ years. All those separatists so called leaders have profited from you guys, while you are still poor. Can't you see the reality that lies in front of you? They don't care about you guys, walaahi they don't. They all have millions stacked somewhere. And guess what, those millions are millions stolen from your pocket. The day you guys realize that, is the day that you guys will prosper.

    • How about you stop talking about young kids who are trying to better themselves in somaliland and start focusing on helpng darood youth not to be like the parasites their parents and grandparents were.

      • Kaboon, how many times do I have to tell you that I'm not darood nor Hawiye, I'm sheikhaal. And I don't hate my Is@@q brothers, is just I have problems with separatists liars who brainwashed you and many Is@@q brothers and sister.

    • Whether you like it or not, we are here to stay for ever. What can you do? Cry false? Fight us ?

      Sir/madam, I can't say more, Somaliland came about with peoples wishes and no one but the people themselves have power to change that. Not, your hate, envy or crying false, will bring Somaliland people to its knees any more.

      • Son of Somaliland, when you say ''people wishes'', at least have the balls to say ''some Is@@q wishes''. If you think you can call the so called referendum, a referendum, then its obvious to me that you are even willing to lie to make a point.

  2. Why are daroods bringing their hate to young children who are trying to better themselves. I think the D-day is coming for darood when everyone will not tolerate these scum. Ever hateful comment about somalis comes from a darood person. We need few more General M. Farrah Aideed to bring back the order.

  3. They hate we GRIND! When was the last time you saw a Lander constantly posting on p c u ntal andia websites or kh aart tumo websites? We just dont give a fu g but they are constantly on our websites lol talk about desperate for attention!

    Like 50 said like the fire needs the air, I dont burn unless your there, I need you to hate me because it only makes us stronger! Keep hating, while we rise.

    Kaboon they need to be reminded that Aideed wanted to drive them into the sea while we offered and extended friendship and forgiveness even after what they did, but evil minds dont recognize fairness or kindness bc its not in their nature to understand. what are you gonna do?

    • Well, if you didn't care then why are you constantly complaining about ''HATERS'' ? start acting like a grown up man and just because the name include the words ''LAND and PRESS'' don't automatically assume the website belongs to you and if you have serious issues with posters you do have choice to ignore them, make an argument and put your point across or simply take your Jesus Stick and crawl back into your dark corner, I'll bet no one will notice you're gone not even your partner Kaboon.

  4. MashAllah good to see the youth involved with sports in Somaliland but we need to introduce more and variety of other interesting and challenging sport because I've seen enough of the one shown above.