NEC Proves to be capable of Executing its Duties

By Goth Mohamed Goth
The National Electoral Commission since being appointed has accomplished much and has being engaged in a wide range of activities, the electoral commission has in earnest begun laying the ground work and preparation for the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections

The National Electoral Commission has demonstrated and proven to the government , three national political organization , and international community that the process of voters registration shall determine our sovereignty and also the foundations for the holding a free and fair Presidential and Parliamentary elections in 2017 but most importantly as one man one vote .

Somaliland citizens are happy to see the national election commission is trialling an iris-based biometric system that it hopes will put an end to duplicate registrations. This would make it one of the most advanced voter registration systems on the plane, which begun in Togdheer region 13/02/2016 and now in Awdal region 13/02/2016 as shown in the above picture.

It’s a victory for the people of Somaliland and especially the national electoral Commission are committed to fulfill our role in making the voters registration process a success in all six regions of the country”,

The National Electoral Commission staff have stated knowledge, dedication, effort and ability which enabled to obtain from the register or not possible for anyone to register more than once.

Signed By Mr. Saed Hassan