By Goth Mohamed Goth 

A newly constructed building complex housing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation was inaugurated yesterday by the VP in a well-attended ceremony in Hargeisa.

Vice President HE Abdullah Ismael Abdurrahman cut the ribbon to the new building which will enable the facilitation of better delivery of services and run diplomatic affairs on behalf of the state and the government and to implement the state’s diplomatic principles and policies and related laws and regulations; and handle diplomatic activities between the state and foreign officials.


The New Building Housing the Ministry

Vice President Saylici speaking at the opening ceremony of the new building complex thanked the USAID and I.O.M for the continued assistance it affords to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in various capacities; he added that the building will greatly benefit the ministry.

The full furnished building complex is owned by the government unlike the previous which was privately owned building in Hargeisa of which it used to pay the monthly rent from the budget allotted to the ministry by the government, money which would have been used  for other vital purposes.


  1. I am glad this office is build for this current Foreign minister, he is a true a champion foreign minister Somaliland had in a long time. I was really impressed of his articulation the Somaliland causes at this current conference between Somaliland and Somalia. Only those who hate Somaliland causes will not like what this guy was saying at this conference.
    May Allah bless this ministry and the people of Somaliland.