SoljaBy Goth Mohamed Goth

The newly elected Somaliland Journalist Association (SOLJA) leaders today in a well-attended ceremony officially assumed their roles as the new leaders of the main body representing journalists and media houses this after a longtime power struggle among its leaders ended recently.

At a function held today at Mansoor Hotel the previous Mr. Hassan Mohamed Yusuf the former chairman of the media organization handed over the leadership mantle to the new chairman Mr. Mahmoud Jama (Xuuto).

Mr. Hassan Mohamed Yusuf,the outgoing Chairman of SOLJA speaking during the handing over ceremony said, “ First of all I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the members of the outgoing team and all those who supported me during my tenure at the helm of these organization and secondly I would to remember and honor the late Mohamed Rashid Muhumed Farah who during his life time contributed much to this organization.

“This is the first time ever in the history of this organization that the chairman and deputy chairman to be elected by a popular vote and I would like challenge those who claim SOLJA has being hijacked by the government , I say once to say this organization is free from any government interference whatsoever”, Mr. Hassan said.

Award winning journalist Mr. Mahmoud Jama (Xuuto) the newly elected chairman of SOLJA speaking at the function said, “I would like to thank all those who voted for me and also those who didn’t vote for me, my first mission will be to unify all the members of these organization and I hope you shall support me in taking SOLJA to new heights.

Mr. Xuuto added, “I hope to work with all concerned parties including the Minister of Information Hon Mohamed Dahir Cukuse and by saying this I don’t mean that we shall by his tune but we are obliged to work with the Minister of information whether its Cukuse or any other Minister who will hold that portfolio in the future and I reiterate we won’t relent in realizing our aim no matter whatever hurdles we may face.

The Minister of Information Hon Mohamed Dahir Cukuse speaking at the event said, “I pledge to work with the SOLJA through the facilitation of training and the introduction of a diversity of projects to support journalists and journalism in an inventive and a creative environment that we’re confident will generate innovative ideas to move journalism forward while safeguarding the code of ethic for journalism.