No Debate against My Country, Somaliland.
The Theme for Somaliland 24th Independence Celebration, 18th May, 2015
“Somaliland Dalkayga, Doodi Kama Taagna”
Press Release by 18 May Preparatory Committee
The Preparatory Committee of the 24th Anniversary of 18 May, 2015 from when Somaliland regained its independence from Somalia on 18th May, 1991 had a meeting today at the Ministry of Finance of Somaliland to discuss the necessary preparations and organizing works as well as to inform the public and all Somalilanders about the selected theme for this year commemorations.
The Preparatory Committee released a press statement for the awareness of the nation upon the consecrating the great national day “18 May” throughout the country and in the overseas countries and wherever the people of Somaliland origin stay. They advised all Somalilanders to get fully prepared and organized for the 24th Anniversary of Somaliland Independence Regaining, 18 May, 2015.
The Committee called Somaliland population to greatly consecrate celebrations of 18 May and keep in mind their responsibility over the national security protection and peace within all the regions and districts of Somaliland. The 18 May Preparatory Committee stated that this year commemoration is sanctified and made greater as for the decisive and self-determination of Somaliland people for independence and demanding recognition from the international community.
“As the preparatory committee appointed by the President for 18 May celebrations, we are here to inform the public that this great national day is intended to be perfectly commemorated nationally within the country and abroad as well. Wherever Somalilanders stay, they are obliged to patriotically enter for the celebrations of this great day,” said the Acting Chairperson of the Preparatory Committee, Mme Samsam Abdi Aden, Minister of Finance of Somaliland.
“Every year, a particular theme is selected and after we discussed, the theme selected this year is “No Debate against Somaliland” and all the people of Somaliland are asked to celebrate for 18 May and guard their security as they do all the time and care for their peace,” added the Acting Chairperson of the Preparatory Committee, Mme Samsam Abdi Aden, Minister of Finance of Somaliland.
“We are telling the public that every citizen of Somaliland is responsible for protecting the securit. We are advising you wherever you are you should have extra alertness for guarding peace and security that we are bestowed with by Allah in the regions and districts you are celebrating,” said Hon. Ahmed Adare, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Interior.
The Minister of Rural Development & Environment, Shukri Haji Bandare and the Ex-minister of Fishery, Mr. Abdilahi Jama Osman (Geeljire) similarly stated that this year 18 May is to greatened and set apart for showing the appealing of Somaliland people for international recognition from the world.
The Preparatory Committee stated in their press statement that this year celebration is different from the earlier events in the remarkable achievements towards the wellbeing made within the ruling period of the incumbent political party and in respect to the status of passing getting ahead of any security threats both internally and externally.
The Preparatory Committee of 18 May called for Somaliland to cooperatively and strongly demonstrate their power, sovereignty, their difference from Somalia and the stand of the Republic of Somaliland and pleading for international recognition.

Hargeisa, 29th April, 2015