A president warmly shaking hands with his people regardless of their rank is rare to see these days – if not impossible. To see a president daring to swim with his constituents in an open beach is an experience of a life time. A president going equal to the challenge of building two 300+ long roads, traversing some of the roughest, rockiest terrains is an honor incarnate to a nation.

President swimsA president who transformed main national airports and raised their level of dependability to international standards, pot-holed streets and arterial roads to paved ones and city skylines to world-standard dreams in a very short tern under his leadership  a daunting, worthy figure to compete against by itself.

A president who, in his term in office, hands out staple foods, shelter, equipment to the needy, re-builds the army and security forces from near-scratch, equips them, raises their salaries, gives them ranks, speeds up employment opportunities, re-kindles self-help schemes in public minds and spirits and, single-handedly, bucks an insolent, insouciant world by showing them that a tiny nation can stand on its feet and leap forward to unprecedented development is an icon to be proud of.

On his way to the sea with cadetsA president that revived the pride of a very proud nation, and held them together against all odds has no equal in the eyes of all Somalilanders.

Not only has President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud ‘Siilaanyo’ amassed honor points during his current tenure in office, but his track record in the past alone cannot find a parallel. One only need find glimpses of his true character in, for instance, attached clips.

The very warm coverage that the Somaliland media has made of the president’s tour of duty from the furthest western point of the nation, onward to the furthest eastern corner bears testimony to how all of Somaliland presently rallies behind its president.  The tour has, furthermore, highlighted how the president has the highest confidence on the capability, integrity, and forward-looking deportment of his nation. The bulk of Somaliland media showed that it is right alongside the president on his quest for a country that relies on its own resources, and turns its dreams to reality through its own sheer determination. The media has shown that Somaliland is indeed the shining example of self-dependence in a world fraught with insecurity in spirit, principle and outlook.

If one had to put all of his detractors on one scale against his, the outcome would have been a foregone conclusion.

Long live Somaliland!

Sulman Abdurahim


  1. How have we come to such a pass? As a civilization we were noted for the power of egalitarian, original thought. We believed in discussion and elaboration of concepts, in debate and dialogue, in question and inter-rogation. How have we been reduced to a linear 'propaganda' where clan and creed arithmetic, sycophantic banks and winnability have completely finessed ideology, principle and conviction?

    The paradox is that ideology is invoked relentlessly even as it is compromised ceaselessly. Opposition parties say they will not compromise on corruption, vote manipulation, extended presidential period.

  2. Silanyo for the second term is well deserved and the oppostion parties can not in anyway match the heavy weight in every respect and I'm sure Mr, Neero knows that quite well all he can do is a cry woolf and say its foul play but the majority of the masses in Somaliland would tend disagree with you and vote
    His excellency for the 2nd term and my friend Neero will be left in the cold with his preaching of democaracy, fair paly, manpilation all the jjargons he can come up and it will be too little too late buddy, as the English saying "Action speaks louder than words" and finally Silanyo has precisely proven this point and he is bigger and beyond the petty politics and he is a nationalist and was able to gain confidence form ALL the people in Somaliland and thats why he is very very popular and no doubt will win overwhelemingly because he has developed Somaliland faster than one would expect, viva Somaliland.

    • Burn all impurities of mind through the fire of devotion and knowledge. Encourage chrisma, skill, ability honesty, truthfulness and purity through the fire of practice. This is the real spirit of leadership. Academics always point out that this is the season of spring where everything is fresh and new. No matter what leaders have to offer, one must have a vision, attitude, articulation.

      Kololo, whether you like it or not, Siilaanyo does not have this kind of quality and does not really deserve for a second term. Emotions and outbursts will not get you anywhere.

  3. Tribal rant for a tribal warlord who will be remembered if for anything for his clan loyalty, divide and rule policies an utter ineptness!

  4. As they say "Time will tell", If Silanyo decides to go for second term and wins another term, what will happen to the preacher Neero and the so called Allemagan?

    Anyone who denies the truth in this case about the genuine development of Somaliland despite its short falls are disinguninewas however no matter what you say these two guys are not interested in constructive debate(s) and any goodness associated with Mr. Silanyo they simply do not like it, because their hearts are filled with hatred and nothing else can shift their way of thinking, it a fixed set of minds and all they can see, hear, touch, feel, reason, hope, seek solutions for problems and thinking of moving the country forward all these issues do not appeal to them except backwardness and living in the past as well as seeing through binoculars beaming “tribal and clannish” spectrum. If you say factually that this object is “white” in colour they will say no its “black” because all they want to see is “black colour” although its white therefore how do you reason with such people who are colour blind? I hope the readers can see the analogy and the point I’m putting across.
    Therefore it’s worthless to debate with such people who happens to be a minority in their thinking and it’s better to ignore them totally not worthy spending a second of precious and valuable time.

      • Kololo: You must be one of the latest members of the Dung beetles clan. Let me inform you that you are not contributing anything to this forum except your are making it far more stinkier than the previous Dung beetles that are known to troll here like Gulaid, Dhugtame,Yussuf, Kabocalaf, Cimraan, Cheers, Asha, Garyaqaan, Kurujiye kamakace, Osman Qaal, Hamda Omer, Fatima, Yusuf1, Khadar, Awdaly boy, Ali Osman, Gaade and many others whose names have escaped me. Now you can continue doing your job which rolling excrement.

        • Abdi
          It seems you are up against the regular clan loyalists in the comment section of SomalilandPress who always attack anyone who dares to criticize the senile octogenarian and his family cohorts. You will not convert folks who equate attack on incompetitance and bad administration to an attack on clan.

  5. Siilaanyo never sees ordinary people. It is absolutely impossible for him to see the masses that are suffering under his presidency. Why? Because wherever he has to visit must be cleaned of opposition supporters and filled with non-uniformed state police force and school children forced to welcome him with green leaves. Siilaanyo thinks he can fool the people but rest assured if he tries to win through corruption he should be ready for a bloody war. If he wins fair and square I will congratulate him.

    W A D A N I

  6. Abdi from Wadani, sounds are very angry man, please calm down and be rational in your point of view.

    • Telling the truth is the audacity of hope. There is nothing irrational about Siilaanyo hiding behind barbed wire and non-uniformed state police.

  7. This man is a warlord and power hungry, but I cannot deny that he kept the peace in his tribal enclave. The president needs to let the people of SSC decide for their own future and vote whether to remain with Somaliland or declare autonomous region, The time of using military muscle to oppress people are over. The people of Ukraine in Cremea will decide their fate sunday morning.

  8. not good to be biased against other parties now that elections are on the horizon frantic efforts are being made to convince majority of landers.but would it not be better initially to put things right and avoid praises that not all somalilanders feel and see opposition parties would not cry foul if all was fine.things are just falling from the sky now and all this euphoria been displayed is amazing.every day it's tough in somaliland just to make ends meet but politicians know how to convince people because their lively hood is at stake and their relatives and friends too not easy to abandon a comfortable life one has been accustomed to the land cruiser the dollar the villas and the food has to be finished and tummy needs to be full of course why care how other landers live?so bring on the bulldozers the quick building roads and the people will say wow something is happening here. experience is the best teacher in life and from that a choice has to be long term or else somalilanders issues will only be swiped under the carpet if they did not learn from experiences.

  9. For Somaliland to pass the green of moving forward our intellectuals know 100% that Somaliland is suffering from corruption/lack of democratic vision/freedom of speech. The way forward is to have an election that will pave the way for new thinking. 2nd election for this gov will only derail Somaliland from moving forward.

    After every 2yrs each gov comes up with self styled propaganda like that of the leaders from the Arab spring who line up only their supporters hiding from the reality. Somaliland is not recognised and can not cope with another term of the same gov repeating the same mistakes. Business will run as usual but for the poor people and the vision of Somaliland we need an election otherwise Somaliland will not cope with the burden and hardship that will rise from the same gov leadership coming back. It is almost like corruption is being legalized.

    Glorification of leaders is a sign that dictatorship and corruption is taking root and producing deadly poison that is not visible in the short term. Business projects that are in the hands of gov officials and their backup supporters will not allow Somaliland to have another election. While some to say few ministers are honest about Somaliland's progress not all are on the same boat.

    Somaliland Diaspora has gone silent on this gov and that is a strong message in itself.

  10. I am not from the clan of current president nor am i a kulmiye, but to oppose this administration just because someone from my clan is running for the president of Somaliland from another party to me is stupidity.
    Lets look the record of this government and other important issues that faces this unrecognized nation and support whoever is the best for Somaliland.
    So far, I do not see the reasons the current administration should be removed from the office but, the final decision belong to citizen of Somaliland.

  11. He might have a fighting chance if he cuts off the short man. Who things he is elected president. I don't think i am ready to give my vote unless the short man is removed. gone………
    Viva Somaliland

  12. I said it once and I'll say it Again Silanyo is the Somaliland version of FDR and civilians are seeing how the country is being built whether he decides to stay on (which he has already said he will not) or whether someone else assumes the leadership role at Kulmiye the people know who is one their side and on the side of Somaliland.

    Previous administrations were only playing at being a nation Kulmiye is making it a reality!