By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Minister of Internal Affair Hon Mohamed Ali Waran Cade stated the reasons what prompted to the closure of the headquarters of Haatuf ,a  Somali language daily during  an interview he gave to BBC Somali language services last evening .,

Hon Ali Waran Cade said, “We were forced to act after it became a clear that it was a routine for the Somali language daily to publish fabricated stories which have no merit at all against government officials without providing substantial evidence to back their accusations and allegations which may be damaging to the credit and reputation hardworking government officials in the future.

I have being a victim of the Haatufs defamation campaign and have in the past accused me of bad things through their  slanderous publications allegations which  meant to smear my name  but this time round ai want to assure them that this kind of behavior won’t be tolerated anymore .  

One is left to wonder what is motive behind this wild allegation by Haatuf is it that the articles were meant to gain increased sales and political mileage again in the short term or is the paper been paid and used by other forces who have vested interests and whose intention is to discredit the honorable minister or even derail the progress made by the country as a whole?

It’s a time the editors of Haatuf Newspaper should know there is no point stating rubbish like this if you can’t provide decent evidence to back up your rash and completely baseless statements and which is unethical which is meant to tarnish the name of a reputable government officials.

Mr. Gabobe has a case to answer so let him prove in court the evidence he claims to have in front of the court and the people , we whom have been victims of his smear campaign demand explanations .

When asked if the closure of the paper was unlawful the interior minister said, “The closure of the paper came about after a local court issued a warrant which was then produced by police it to the owners and staff before enforcing the court order to close the newspaper  although the persons who produced those publications are still free let them know they shall have their day in court.




  1. Well done! Before you accuse someone of bad doing make sure you have proof otherwise you are no different than a liar. And a shame to your profession

  2. Though Mr. Gabobe, Was hero who fought the war of freedom against dictator Siyad regime, and champion of Somaliland causes he should better know, the reports his news papers were making will be damaging to his own reputation, if he has no concrete proof to back it up.

  3. Gaboobe belongs in prison. This government are too soft with this criminal. This mafia style has no place in the new Somaliland.

  4. That is what i’m talking about. mo paper shell think, somaliland intrest as nation is untouchable. elected goverment must be respected unless you have undiniable evidence. haatuf is rabbish paper. i was wondering how come the goverment act agains them. better late then never. good for them and they should be arrested as well