10422323_1581673768716575_1280365914684414160_nBy Goth Mohamed Goth

The Minister of Aviation and Air Transport Hon Mahmoud Abdi Hashi announced that the last phase of extension of runway at the Egal International airport will be completed in the coming two weeks.

The Aviation Minister also revealed that ongoing construction 1.2 km(1250m) of runway extension to the recently renovated 2,466M runaway will be completed in the coming two weeks plus the installation of lighting system for night landings. The visual aids are Runway, Taxiway and approach lights. The non visual aids are Instrument Landing system and navigation equipment which aircrafts utilize in order to make a safe landing when the visibility and the height of the cloud drops below the standard set by the international civil aviation organization.

“Once upon completion the run will be 3.7KM(3700M) long and also the expansion of the existing length of the apron at the Egal international airport which is 1410M will be extended 100 x 50 meters in order to accommodate several aircrafts. For the safety and security of the passengers the Airport terminals and the Airport property the apron area will be expanded so the aircrafts can park away from the terminal and maneuver easily around the apron without damage to terminal property or the aircraft itself”, he said.

On the other hand the Minister of aviation also inspected ongoing work for the installation of night landing lighting system which is funded by funds contributed by Somaliland government.