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Teaching your child how to effectively communicate with teachers is an essential in today’s educational environment. While the school has a set curriculum that it follows to educate our child, We also have the responsibility of teaching our children certain things. Then, there are those lessons that should be mutual between our home as well as the school.  One of these lessons is that of communicating effectively. In order to ensure the success of our child, it is important that we know the basics when it comes to teaching our child how to effectively communicate with teachers.


First and foremost, our child needs to understand that the teacher that they have is an adult and should be respected as such.  It is good for us as Somaliland parents to remind them that it is important to be polite and courteous at all times, even if they are frustrated or even angry at themselves, someone else, or the teacher directly. By doing this, we are teaching our child to carefully guard their words and truly think about what they want to say before they say it. If  our Children fail to carefully consider their words that may put up a wall between them and their teachers, which can actually hinder successful communication between child and teacher.


When a child goes to school, always talk positive about teachers, and put a light on them that shows them in a positive way. Today, many parents actually create a fear in their children by talking about their own teachers that were mean, or by telling their child that if they do something that the teacher does not like that the teacher will actually beat them. All too often, as innocent as these statements may be, the child may actually begin to fear the teachers that work in the school that they attend. Naturally, this can be harmful to the communication process which is already bad according to our education institutions.


Please, as Somaliland parents we should let our child that the teachers they have are there to help them learn and grow in the skills and abilities that they have. Let’s make sure they know that their teacher cares about them and that as long as they follow the proper procedures for talking to their teacher, like raising their hand and/or setting up a meeting with their teacher, that the person will be completely willing to talk to them about anything. Teachers are there to answer questions and clarify the materials that are being taught, and are there to clear up complications that may be occurring in the school. By telling your child this, it is likely that they will see them as a valuable tool and communicate well with them.


After All of the above If We find that our child is still having problems communicating with their teacher, it may be best to step into the picture and discuss the problem openly with the teacher which is happens rarely according to our parents. These days, you can do this in several ways. Like a phone call.

It is important to know the steps for teaching our child to effectively communicate with their teachers. As we have already seen several steps that can be taken to accomplish this task. If we follow the steps that we have already mentioned in the above, our child and their teachers should be communicating well.






Mohamoud   Dahir Omar

Education Analyst

Mobile: 0634423327





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