By Goth Mohamed Goth

Police in Hargeisa have unearthed the remains of a young woman from a shallow grave inside the house owned by her assailants eight days after she went missing.

The deceased woman whose name was Ruqiya Said Ayanle was married and was a mother of several children went missing eight days ago and was killed after she went to demand debt she had earlier lent to her assailants who murdered her after the quarrel went bitter.

Police Boss Brigadier General Abdillahi Iman Fadal speaking to the media said, “We have in our custody six suspects connected to the murder of late Ruqiya Said Ayanle including one of them who we think is the prime suspect Ms. Muna Abdullah Mohamed and whose house we found the buried remains of the deceased woman.

General Fadal went on to say, “I do hereby take this opportunity to express a message of condolences to the family of the late Ruqiya Said Ayanle that’s all for now as investigation are still ongoing.

The remains of the deceased woman are currently being kept at the Hargeisa Group Hospital awaiting Autopsy.



  1. Wow this is like the Somaliland version of Silent Witness only we dont have someone as hot as Emilia Fox as a head of Pathology

  2. My people we are muslim stop killing each others please! please! brothers and sisters
    we are muslim and we are going to be muslim forever.
    O Allah Bless our people and our country Somaliland Republic amiin amiin amiin

    • I'm very sorry about this terrible news there should needs be justice as soon as possible for this evil kind of women. I'm Somaliland women staying in the UK this type of news has been shocking, effective I've been working 13 years for the police in the UAE I have never ever heard serial killer sort of type like this before.

      Somaliland Government Should Take Serious Action Of This Crazy Monster Killing Lady By Killing Her.

  3. We need justices and we need it so badly in Somaliland before things get out of hand as before. Alhamdullilah We have peace and stability but with horrible justice, I wonder how long we can sustain that. I feel sorry for the sister, may Allah(swt) take her to heaven without hindrance. Aaamin.