By Mustafe Abdi Ibrahim

Security forces fought running battles with rowdy youth who gathered at the Mahmoud Ahmed Ali School play grounds in Mahmoud Haybe district of Hargeisa  last evening as they  resisted attempts by police to arrest them after being suspected to be involved the rising spate of violent crime in the city.

Attempts by police units to roundup youth suspected to be engaged in mugging and violent robbery in the past weeks but their efforts proved futile when a couple of dozens youth turned up in support of their fellow youth thwarted the police efforts.

The rowdy youth barricaded all roads leading to and from the southern fringes of the city as they fought running battles with the police an effort to resist the police attempts to arrest their buddies.

Reliable sources indicated tensions were still running high with at a least one youth shot dead with unknown number injured at the time of our reporting.

Police were deployed in every junction and roads leading to the southern suburb in order to prevent recurrence of riots of last night by angry youths which resulted to the many injuries and destruction of private property as rowdy youth rampaged in the area causing havoc.

The Scope of damage is still not clear reports cite that businesses have suffered.