By M.A. Egge

The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo has named a national committee charged with the task of addressing the serious drought issues that has gripped the country.

For the past four years many parts of the country missed the second rainfall and in its place drought has gradually struck the country at a slow and sure pace that has now gone out of control to the present immensely sorry state.

The national committee which is to be headed by the Vice President is composed of 17 persons which comprises of ministers, businessmen and members of the clergy.

In a decree that constituted the committee, the President said:- “As you are aware there is devastating drought whose adverse effects has impacted heavily on the pastures, livestock and the people”.

The President continued, “In view of this fact it is inevitable to have human emergency relief efforts to reach all the areas where the droughts have scarred immediately”.

The Head of State urged the committee to selflessly and diligently under take the task of soliciting for the relief supplies and coordinate their supplies to reach the affected.

The drought has bitten deeply into the fabrics of the country’s agricultural industry that the official production for the past couple of years was estimated at negligible 3%! Desertification has been widespread and the toll of livestock deaths has been steadily climbing.

The strife needs much more efforts than the country can address, albeit independently, for its dire situation is both quite intensive and extensive.

The members of the  committee are as follows:

The Vice President  H.E. Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismail (Saylici)

Minister of Region and Endowment  Hon Sheikh Khaliil Abdillahi Ahmed

Minister of Finance  Hon Samsam Abdi Adan

Minister of Commerce and International Investment  Dr. Muse Qaasim Omar

Minister of Defence  Hon Ahmed Haji Ali Adami

Secretary of Councill of Ministers Sharmarke Ahmed Muhumed

Chairman of the National Chamber of Commerce  Mohamed Shukri Jama

Farhaan Liban Ahmed

Mohamed Ali Mohamed

Abdirahman Farah Harbi

Abdi-wahab Maah Mohamed

Abdirahman Ali Abdi

Sheikh,  Essa Mohamud Abdillahi

Sheikh, Awil Fatah Shire

Sheikh, Abdirahman Sheikh Ahmed Sheikh Abdi

Sheikh, Mohamed Adan Muhumed

Sheikh, Hassan Abdi-salaan Sheikh Ali