By M.A. Egge

Hargeisa –The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo jetted back into the country yesterday morning after a fruitful official trip to Paris that lasted exactly these weeks.

“We met with top French ministers, senators and sections of their civil members and business fraternity”, said the Head of State to the media at the airport’s VIP lounge upon arrival.

 He said that they were warmly received by top Bolore Africa Group executives with whom they had detailed discussions concerning the capacity building and the management of the Berbera ports authority to make it in tune with international standards.

“We discussed about Berbera Port with Bolore executives”, said the President, and added, “while I was accompanied by some members of (SL ) cabinet”.

H.E. Silanyo expressed his admiration of Somalilanders abroad regarding to their love for their country and patriotism.

“While in the UK, I met with their Diaspora community who showed readiness to participate in either the Erigavo road construction or other developmental projects in the country”, said the President.

He said that their patriotism was quite elaborate and that they wanted the best for their country.

He further said that wherever he met the Diaspora community he impressed upon them the need for their support.

The President who was highly welcomed back was quite jovial hence greeted members of the public who lined up along all the roads from the airport to the State House.

 He was so heartened that he had to salight from his vehicle to shake hands with the enthusiastic crwds notably people with disabilities.

He was received by the V.P. H.E. Abdirahman Ismael, senior cabinet and military members, MPs (from both houses of the National Assemblies Parliament), several traditional leaders and senior government officers.

The President was accompanied by the First Lady Amina Haji Mohammed Jirde.


  1. For a man of his age he should have been the father of the nation instead of been the one who wants to dismantle it. shame on you siiranyo history will remember you for all the wrong reason.

  2. Now that Xirsi is denying his lies it is time for all to listen to his initial Caano Riyood folklore anecdote and latest denials of having targeted Eroh. Here it is for all to laugh at the lies:

    How low could one stoop to deny his own words. This is Siilaanyo's closest confidant. Thank goodness things have cooled down for now but we were in the cusp of civil unrest. Does our government think the security and stability of Somaliland is in its hands having displayed utter arrogance in governing the country. This is not how to run a country. Jailing traditional leaders of Talo iyo Tawfiiq only to shower them later with apology and compensation for their ill conceived treatment would not result in having them on your side at any cost but it will only expose the government's hypocrisy and make the situation far more worse.