TurkishBy M.A. Egge

The President of the Republic H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud yesterday met with visiting dignitaries from both Sweden and Turkey.

Speaking to the members of press in different briefings, the Foreign Minister Hon. Mohammed Bihi Yonis said that the President had given the visiting Turkish investment prospectus delegation a brief history on recent commercial developments and investitures.

He said that the state and the people of Somaliland welcomed the delegation warm heartedly and wished them well in their endeavours.

He said that the government policy encourage foreign investments and was always at hand to help expedite the necessary.

The Turkish group was led by entrepreneur Mohammed Tars who reciprocated the gesture with corresponding etiquette.

He said that his group was happy that it had had a concrete grasp of and about Somaliland in their brief orientation.DSC_0129

On the other hand the Stockholm city’s executive secretary said that his visit would help raise the awareness and interaction of both societies in both countries even more.

He said that he looked forward to seeing more future meetings and the stepping up of Swedish visits.

Hon. Bihi said that after acknowledging the truthful and basic facts about and on SL, he hoped that the Swedish parliament would take SL cue and handle it the Palestinian way hence recognize this country.

Present in both meetings at the state house were the ministers of foreign affairs, Interior, and Planning the Honoroubles M.B. Yonis, A.M. Waran-adde and S.A. Shire respectively and the private secretary of the President Mr. Ali Ahmed Ali.

Present during the Swedish briefing was the Mayor Cllr. Abdirahman Aideed Soltelco and the City’s executive secretary Mr. Mawlid Waris Abdillahi.