By Goth Mohamed Goth

“I have never seen the President enjoying such a good health, both mentally and physically”. SLNTV UK Head

The President H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo is expected to attend several gatherings organized by Somaliland Diaspora living in central England including the City of Sheffield after visiting the city of Liverpool to visit his brother who is recuperating in one of the hospital in the city.

President Silanyo and the First Lady Amina Waris spent a good time of last week resting in London after a hefty work schedule this was according to a local Somali language daily in an interview with the head of Somaliland National Television Mr. Abdi Ba’aw in the UK.

Mr. Ba’aw is reported as saying, “The Head of State and his family were currently at a London holiday retreat contrary to reports carried by some anti-Somaliland websites which had alleged that President Silanyo had being admitted to London Hospital due to health reasons.



  1. Just wondering! Did he go to U.K. because of the rumors of him being mentally unstable? Or physically?
    I never been in Somalia, but I learned this information from your postings.Hope you guys are nice to each other and stop dissing each other.

  2. Reliable sources say that Doctors made recommendations that Siilaanyo has to retire from the national responsibility. Number one, the medical report discovered that Siilaanyo has become totally retarded, number two his membry has become totally ineffective, number three, his mind, the seat of thinking is not functioning well.

  3. By making these ludicrous statements like " He is mentally ..and physically well.." they are fuelling the speculation that something is wrong with aging leader. If this was a private visit then the grim, badly run mouthpieces like SLNTV should leave him alone to take his break in peace.

  4. Finally the truth is out. Siilaanyo only met with his clan in Liverpool. Both the UK Ambassador and the roaming Ambassador were not invited in this meeting either.
    Siilaanyo's legacy:
    1. He is the first president to ever hold exclusive meeting with his own clan while on a foreign trip.
    2. He is the first opposition leader to hold exclusive gathering with his own clan in Garadag.

  5. Somaliland is like a rising sun, and those who are trying to hide them is just like if they want to hide rising with their hands.
    Did you forgot that powerful somali government army of Siad Barre composed of all Somali tribes Darood,
    Hawiye and rahanweyn. with armed 500000 of Oromo and Ogaded refugees were failed to stop poorly armed without logistics and heavy army. Now, SNM plus all other Somalilander DIR tribes of Isaaq, Samaroon and Issa. with government army is very strong. and to bother them or invade their territory is very foolish idea, that will lead destruction of this puntland. if you want them invite to invade Garowe and Bossaaso do it , but I grant you will regret.

  6. Saw this comment on Hiiraan: Awesome!

    The state of my country is very heart breaking. No amount of personal achievement can ever compensate for the fact that so many of my country women and men lack basic education, and this resulting gross ignorance has seen to it that we eternally spin our wheels in under development.

    We had a narrow window of TIME after our independence to ignite the fires of a modern and prosperous society, this will have been possible through aggressive and massive education of the public and development of industries that create employment and infrastructure. The clock was ticking fast as we were sitting on a powder keg; illiterate population with deep centuries old clan sentiments. Unfortunately the clock run out before we could even make a dent (sorry Siyad Barre, even the virus of clan politics has already infected those immediate to you), and it did not help that we picked a fight with a neighbor when we had bigger problems to solve! After two major wars with them, I can only say that Ethiopia got its revenge on the Somali people; by strategically giving material and moral support to warlords and clan separatists elements, it has ensured that Somalia will take centuries before it ever presents another threat.

    When countries are competing over space exploration, and one country has a rover driving around the moon searching for resources, and another country has a car driving itself on Mars and sending back data. When countries not long ago who fought and killed each other by the tens of millions are today forming a union with a common currency, and cooperating in research and building mega industries such as the Airbus A380. When the whole world is moving to a greater globalization…where are we as Somalians?

    Today, here we are, split into pieces of clan fiefdoms, each crying for their piece of international aid (beggars) and millions of our people coming in and out of starvation cycles, and millions more having immigrated. Despite the overly obvious result of what got us here, we still look at each other with the lens of clan distrust, cynicism and division, this while sitting on one of the richest natural resource area in East Africa, this is heartbreaking.

    You might find it disgusting when you see men like Silanyo, who carries himself with self-importance, as he meanders down the one block dusty capital, Hargesa, but he is the result of our problem not the cause. He is playing a predictable role; the men who run this region and others like it (Puntland, Jubaland..etc), are all intoxicated with a sense of feeling important, clueless to the hollowness of their true importance.

    Somaliland wanted to join the U.N for the past 23 years, and if the constant rejection with ridicule has not freed these men from their bubble of reality, then what chance does a local Somali television station have? By banning the television they are indeed protecting their bubble of self-delusion.