By Goth Mohamed Goth

H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo has today joined of students of the Berbera Marine Institute who were training in one of the pristine beach of the port city of Berbera for a swimming session.

President Silanyo speaking at the at the site used by the Berbera Marine College training its students in one of the unspoiled beaches of Berbera said, “I am happy today to see and spend time with the youth of this nation who are determined to learn and research issues related to the sea and which I hope will in future also provide a friendly and flourishing research culture beneficial to the people and nation as whole, this should be an example for other youth that there are alternatives for dangerous endeavors such as illegal migration.

The school produces graduates who follow International Maritime Bureau standards and regulations, including those against piracy. The Berbera Marine College became fully functional in the last five years, with more than 100 officers graduating from the college each year. Somaliland’s government established the college after the need for a navy to combat illegal fishing and human trafficking arose in the region.

President Silanyo spend most of the todays evening swimming and relaxing in the pristine beach flanked by a several cabinet members and top military brass.

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  1. Nice to see President Silanyo swimming with the Marine students and some members of his cabinet without lifejacket. He has also proved to everybody that he's still physically and mentally sound. Well done Mr. President!

  2. Most likely, the old man is sitting in the shore instead of swimming. Maybe be Silanyo did never learn how to swim. Somali people are known to be superstitious folks who shun both water and mountains for fear of evil spritz!

    • KKKK the old man is in the water with Macawis mr, Allemagan. Let me remind you though my friend that Somalis from the South are good swimmers, but there aint no many rivers in the north. You never know that the old man might be a good swimmer