Best SilanyoBy Goth Mohamed Goth

H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo on Sunday issued a Presidential directive #JSL / M / XERM / 249-3830 / 02 2 0 1 6in which he appoints, reshuffles and reliving others of their duties.


President Silanyo in accordance with powers bestowed to him by the Somaliland constitution (Article 90) section2, and putting into consideration the importance of government ministries regional Governors in national building .


Having considered the need to fill the vacant Ministerial posts, and regions

President has decided to appoint the following



No appointees Former Portfolio New Portfolio
1 Mr. Osman Abdullahi Saharadid Adani Minister of Civil Aviation and Air Transport Minister of Information
2 Abdullah Mohamed Dahir Minister of Information Minister of Livestock
3 Mr. Omar Sheikh Mohamed Farah Minister of Livestock Minister of Civil Aviation
4 Mr. Muse Qasim Omar Minister of Commerce Awaiting appointment
5 Mr. Yassin Mohamed Shide Governor of Sool Region Awaiting appointment
6 Mr. Hussein Adam Ige Presidential Spokesman Minister of Commerce and International Investment
7 Mr. Ibrahim Mahmoud Mualid Deputy Minister in Charge of coordinating both Houses of Parliament Dismissed
8 Abdullahi Mohamed Carey National Press Agency Manager Dismissed
9 Mr. Abdi Mohamud Deputy Minister of Civil Aviation and Air Transport Deputy Minister of Commerce
10 Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed Kaysar Deputy Minister of Commerce Deputy Minister of National Planning.
11 Mr. Abdi Yusuf (Cabdi Wadad) Deputy Minister of Planning. Deputy Minister of Fisheries
12 Mr. Naser Ayjeex Jama Deputy Minister in Charge of coordinating both Houses of Parliament
13 Mr. Mohamed Haji Aden Elmi Deputy Minister of Fisheries. Minister of State for Education
14 Ahmed Nur Faahiye Minister of State for Education Minister of State for Civil Aviation
15 Mr. Hamza Mohamed Mineral County
16 Mr. Mustafa Abdi Isse (Chine) Governor of Gabiley Region Governor of Sool Region
17 Mr. Abdurrahman Aw Fahiye (Shamax) Presidential spokesman
18 Mr. Saleh Said Shire National Press Agency Managing Director




Praise be to Allah


 Signed By Presidential Spokesperson


Hussein Adam Ige (Hussein Deyr)