By Goth Mohamed Goth

HE President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo)today meet with top executives of DNO International ASA (“DNO International”), the Norwegian oil and gas company which last year entered into a Production Sharing Contract (PSC) covering Block SL18 onshore Somaliland.

Speaking to members of the media fraternity Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation Hon Mohamed Bihi Yonis and the Minister of Energy and Minerals Hon Hussein Abdi Dualeh shortly after the meeting with the top executives of the Norwegian Oil exploration company had this to said today’s meeting was productive.

“We do hereby welcome DNO International ASA (“DNO International”), the Norwegian oil and Gas Company which last year entered into a Production Sharing Contract (PSC) covering Block SL18 onshore Somaliland and we believe future revenue earned from the drilling of petroleum will be for the benefit of Somaliland people”, Hon Bihi Yonis said.

The Minister of Energy and Minerals Hon Hussein Abdi Dualeh speaking during the press briefing said, “Somaliland government had recently signed an oil exploration deal last year in Washington DC and which covers  12,000 square kilometer block in an area that is both prospective and undrilled ,”

Hon Hussein A Dualeh went on to say “With me here today is the country director of DNO Mr. Hussein Jama Diriye who has been in the country for the past two months laying the groundwork for the company drill operation which are expected to commence soon.

DNO International ASA is an Oslo-listed, Middle East and North Africa focused, oil and gas company holding stakes in 18 licenses in various stages of exploration, development and production both onshore and offshore in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the Republic of Yemen, the Sultanate of Oman, the United Arab Emirates, the Tunisian Republic and Somaliland.


  1. you will never drill in holhol, taleex, xudun or any place on our land.
    sign deals as much as you want, but the norwegians are warned and so are this so called somaliland administration.

  2. Those Scandinavian countries know whats up, very well managed states. Highly educated, great heathcare, liberal secular humanists these are the types of partners we should be seeking on the world stage we become who we associate with.

    • We are a product of who we associate with. We become that product's mold (image) but unfortunately some of us remain in that mold and never outgrow it.

      Unlike Genel the regional manager of DNO is a highly intelligent and an honest man. He did not come to enrich himself but to help his motherland. I just hope he has the guts to give Xirsi and company the hike and tell them not to interfere with his operations. What I personally would want to see is that the majority of the contracts (equipment, transportation) given to Dhulbahante.

      • Do you think dhulbahante are guests of their own land? guess again my friend.
        war dhulbahante ma waxaad moody dad marti ku ah dhulkooda?

        Nacasnimada iska dhaafa, if you want to look for oil, try with genel in your own land first, it seems like you cannot even agree on your own land in the first place, before you try to sell someone else's land.
        I promise you dhulbahante will never ever allow the norwegians nor the isaaqs to come and digg for oil in their land. It is ok for your troops to remain in some parts of our cities which we are planing to remove soon, but you can dream on for our oil. This oil belongs to the republic of Somalia, not a one clan seccenist enclave

        • People like you from Taleex engrossed with the failed idea of hartism, driven by pure hatred of their land, will regret this when you see the progress made by Somalilanders of holhol and environs (Gambadhe, Tukaraq, iyo Dooxada Xudun) . People like you will soon be coming to beg for forgiveness when you see pipes from holhol passing thru Tuulo Samakab and Oog.

          Just remember the might of Somalilanders who obliterated Africa's most mechanized army to oblivion. Perhaps you need a new reminder that Somaliland's army is 10,000 times stronger and more equipped than when they were fighting for their freedom. Here is a good reminder why (

          ) you should never dream Somaliland is an easy target.

  3. you will not ask the owner of the land? funny guy are, you should learn something called reality on the ground, its much different than behind a computer screen, where you can switch between SNM hero at somalilandpress and continue play war craft.

    • Uncivilised comment and very well below standard do you really have guts and print such a foolish comment and secondly l think you have come from very primitive tribe and understand that land belong to the Republic of Somaliland and no one else, l hope you have understood the situation full Stop.

      • I love patriotic people. well-done bro Patriotic. Just beware there is no primitive tribe in Somaliland, only a few individuals with wanlaweyn characters. We just need to re-educate them so that they stop saying 'no, this is mine, this is my village, this my water well, this my village, this is my, my, my, ….'. As you rightly have said is The Republic of Somaliland is for us all regardless of our regional background.

      • It belongs to the federal republic of Somalia last time I checked, you need to stoop with your stupid seccenist thoughts, only then we can agree on something, until then, Why would I a Dhulbahante of the Harti sub clan of the Darood clan allow myself to become a minority clan amongst isaaqs who are blood thirsty and have no respect for human lives? why would I allow that when I see that even amongst your selfs there are discrimination, I know that the habar jeclo administration alone have done so much bad and corrupted the land just the past few years. And that the other clans cannot withstand this anymore. Why should I explain to me? it is pure logic and common sense, that my interest are amongst the somali people in somalia, not within a one clan enclave…

  4. It is quite astonishing the way The Somaliland President status has been REDUCED only to a five minute photo ops with foreign dignitaries and swift back to total obscurity. What the hell is going ON!!!!! Somebody speak up!