By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Minister of Environment and Rural Development Hon Shurgi Haji Ismael Banderee Flanked by top officials from the ministry during a press conference held in her office showcased a cheap and economically friendly paraffin stove average families as alternative to charcoal and firewood.

Madam Shukri elaborating on the advantages of stove said, “The average family in Somaliland spends 20% or more of its income purchasing wood or charcoal for cooking and the urban poor frequently spend a significant portion of their income on the purchase of wood or charcoal.

The Director General Mr. Mohamed Farah Hirsi speaking at the press conference said, “Deforestation and erosion are often the end result of harvesting wood for cooking fuel. The main goal of most improved paraffin cooking stoves is to reduce the pressure placed on local forests by reducing the amount of charcoal consummation.

“Additionally, the cash a family spends on wood or charcoal translates into less money being available to be spent on food, education, and medical care; so an improved paraffin cooking stove is seen as a way of boosting a family’s earnings”, he stated.



  1. Paraffin stoves are a bit outdated method of cooking, given, they're at least better than cooking on openfire. There are so many better techniques out in the market today. Stoves powered by portable propane canisters might have been a better alternative since they have safety features and also emit less carbon monoxide when used indoors compare to the paraffin stoves..