sigaarka lagubayBy Goth Mohamed Goth

The Somaliland quality control agency on Sunday destroyed five containers containing 5000 cartoons of expired cigarettes in the port town of Berbera.

The destroyed consignment of cigarettes was imported to the country late last year by a local enterprise known as AWIL GROUP OF COMPANIES.

Mr. Muhiyadin Omer Abdi, the director of Somaliland quality control agency in Sahil region speaking at the venue where the consignment of cigarettes was destroyed said, “We (quality control) together with Ministry of Finance, Custom, Berbera ports authorities and Sahil regional authorities confiscated the consignment of the expired cigarettes in 7/12/2014 last year and we have decided to destroy in a bid to deter other traders from importing similar goods.

Mr. Awil Cowl, the owner of the destroyed consignment of cigarettes said, “I decided to inform the Somaliland quality control agency that the imported goods were expired.

Somaliland quality control agency official promised that the agency will continue to confiscated and destroy such goods.hayada tayada