sawirada-abaarahaIn the offing is a dangerously deadly scenario being perpetrated by Mother Nature hence would easily claim many a life if not put in check.

Yes, if no efforts are made to help alleviate the dire needs of water, medicines and basic necessities for livelihood, a severe famine pending may claim many lives.

The regions of Sool, Sanaag, Saraar, Togdeer and even parts of Sahil have seen many families being displaced by famine and have been torn apart. Recently the nation had undergone similar situation and the state had done wonderful coordination to help distribute relief supplies.We had then made tremendous efforts to marshal for relief aid.

Sooner rather than later we see ourselves undergoing the same scenario once more.

Frankly we need the same, if not more, efforts to alleviate the problems.

True to the facts, the lashes received from Mother Nature is one of Divinity.

That much said, we should not compound the problems with man-made ones.

In other words we should not create problems of our own that may impede the needed relief efforts.

Simply, we have to do the following immediate and long term actions:-

  • We have to immediately kick-off the national mobilization for the relief efforts as announced by the President and readily join in the task.
  • We have to selflessly be sincere in and to the efforts.
  • We have to prioritize the issue.
  • We have to avoid indulging into matters that may contradict the efforts and hinder the relief services.
  • We have to be transparent and true in both the undertaking of the tasks and in geo-political sense.
  • The efforts should cut across all political lines across and associated partisanship.
  • On the long term, action should be focused on building very large dams as water catchments and reservoirs in the pasture lands in the rural areas.

Again, plainly put, as soon as the President kick-starts the relief efforts, our steadfastness to the cause should be sincere, faithful, diligent and whole-hearted with the aims of achieving the objectives.

We then have to prioritize the issue since it is a matter of life and death hence demands just that; prioritization.

If we indulge into merry events it will undermine the efforts because it will dent the priority.

For instance we reported of the displaced persons converging at Balli-alanle because they have been hit by severe droughts last week. While reporting on the sad officials decrying the sad situation, we ironically reported in the same issue the same officials who were precisely a drought evaluating team merry-making by opening political offices of their party branches.

When the outside world, or any benefactor within or without, see the contradiction, the appeals of the President will automatically be undermined for it would be seen to beat the reason.

Last time we saw political parties take advantage of the plight of the people.

If people die of drought, who will vote for them?

Simple politicking should stop hence transparency, equality, sincerity, unity, sense of brethren-ship, solidarity and associated similar diligence should be our characteristics.

During such times we don’t want to have a political parties or backward and retrogressive geo-politicking. We are Somalilanders and all lives of all Somalilaners are dear to the nation.

We have always been leading the media in striving for peaceful stability, solidarity, unity, progress and sticking to aspirations of the country.

This column would NOT want to see or witness any act that would undermine or dent our efforts in any way.

We plead to all political parties to live up to the people’s expectations and adhere to basic humane morality as, expected of them.