By Goth Mohamed Goth

Brig. Gen Berhe  Tesfay ,the former Ethiopian Charge de Affairs to Somaliland has refuted in the strongest terms reports carried by a section of the media which alleged that the current Ethiopian government led by Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy has downgraded the diplomatic status of Hargeisa Office and that he was placed under house arrest .

“The truth is that whoever undermines the friendship or security of both nations whether it is an individual or a group of individuals or, for that matter an institution or a set of institutions, the perpetrators are indeed the enemies of the of Ethiopia and Somaliland”, he said this while speaking to reporter Mahmoud Walalaleye from Addis Abba,the Ethiopian Capital.

The Ethiopian envoy further underscored the historical bilateral ties SL has had with its Ethiopian neighbor hence reiterated the country’s steadfastness in seeing to it that the same is upheld.

He added, “Those peddling such stories in the media were indeed the enemies of both the people of Somaliland and Ethiopia. I urge those who wrote the false and unfounded story to verify their sources referring to the online news portals which ran the story.

Having said that, we reiterate that the Ethiopian and Somaliland populations have shared strong bond of brethren-ship, security, commercial, marital and associated ties not only for decades or centuries but in fact for millenniums.

The envoy added, “Both countries should be committed to our obligations, and jointly, work together towards solidifying the ties to even greater and newer heights.

Lastly, the long time Ethiopian envoy to Somaliland promised to visit the country in the near future.