By Mohamed Abdi Sacad

The Justice and Welfare party Presidential Hopeful Hon Jamal Ali Hussein and his deputy Hon Abdirashid Hassan Mataan accompanied by other top party officials received a Hero’s welcome in Burao today after yet another attempt by the local authorities led by the newly appointed Governor of Togdheer Mr. Mohamed Muse Diriye tried to block the the youthful politician and his supporters from entering the city of Burao addressing party loyalist and citizens.

The Togdheer regional administration team took preemptive measures so as to avert unknown risks which lay ahead of the Jamal and entourage and they went to the extent of confronted the visiting UCID’S delegation in the town Sheik in a bid to warn them not to venture beyond Egal Hotel which is situated on the western fringes of Burao town.

As Jamal’s Convoy’s entered the town, headed towards the direction of the Hotel Egal , a consignment of heavily armed police deployment there stopped and blocked the vehicles carrying the visiting delegation from venturing further ,that’s when Burao residents numbering several thousands gathered there to welcome Jamal delegation intervened in a peaceful manner and by removing the police cordon which was  placed there enabling the UCID’s Convoy to proceed further into town without any confrontation whatsoever.

Hon Jamal Ali Hussein and his Vice President Hon Abdirashid Hassan Mataan and other top party officials addressed party supporters who had gathered there in there thousands outside the regional party headquarters, urging them to save guard the peace and that the people of Burao should be aware of the current government hidden agenda of dividing and sowing the seeds of hatred among the people of Burao who have co-existed peacefully since time immemorial.

Last year UCID’S Presidential Hopeful intention to visit the town of Gabiley was cut short after his convoy was blocked in the town of Abaarso by the security apparatus in what was seen as an act desperation by the government which outraged many Somalilanders and to the disapproval of the people of Gabiley , which prompted local elders to condemn the actions by police in a press conference and also are disgusted and rejecting this ill-considered act.

The elders also strongly reiterated that they are not privy to this ill-thought and destructive action of using the police to block the free movement of targeted officials (Madam Fadumo Said and Jamal, the Presidential candidate of the party) of a political party.


  1. sal land how is gustavo,police state and H/JEclo regime working for you. MY advice to you is follow the great leading example puntland,s prospering democracy.every way you look at can be ideal example to be emulated,not only for salland but africa as whole. the lesson to learn from punt land is fair ,free and smooth democratic election with no drama.other great examples are freedom of expression,freedom of intimidation or nepotism. so I give you my last counsel,but if you don,t heed my advice so the end is coming soon for sal land.

  2. Dear Darwish,

    I think you need another fifty years to experience the existing democracy in Somaliland. Otherwise, the World will not welcome this tiny developing State.

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  3. Somalilandpress must report both sides of the story, because the Togdheer governor denies Jamal's alleged ban. I do not know why Jamal goes to different regions to pass air through his fat exhaust, can't he relief himself in Hargiesa or may be his big bang is loud and needs big open spaces to explode?

    • authorities of somaliland headed by siilanyo/hirsi ordered the banned of UCID party entering they city of burco, not the new governor of togdheer. they fail miserably

  4. Jamal, Faisal and all the others in UCID party are punch of mental retards. They are seeking attention as usual after all other avenue became closed for them and people start fleeing the smell of UCID. Jamal tried to divert attention from his last fumble when he supported and sided with Universal TV and ignorantly bashed the Somaliland government. The Burao inhabitants are way too smart to support someone who is against the sovereignty of their country. You support Somaliland enemy that means you are against Somaliland sovereignty and that is what UCID has done.

  5. I think Somaliland democracy is questionable, if it is does not allow individuals or parties to move freely!

  6. Blocking other parties activities, raiding their Berbera center e la watergate etc, Kulmiye is determined to hang on power forever. Dictator Silanyo is following the same bath Hugo chavez come to power on free legal election, after that closed the doors except for his guaranteed elections to follow up. Kulmiye and cronies are the reason for tarnished images these days.

  7. Like an ostrich Siilaanyo sticks his head in the sand to run away from the problems he digs for himself true to his reer Bureeqa tradition. He is a man obsessed with extreme hatred for the clan he suspects killed his brother, Saeed Bureeqa, in the 1994 civil war. He is known for his ill-tempers and cold denials. He is always scheming and looking for signs of misfortune of his opponents only then does he get a laugh like a baboon with stolen banana. He hardly displays such graces as affection or compassion but if it will serve his personal gain he will not resist to use those graces. I know most Somalilanders are familiar with his peculiar ways but we have never encountered such a grabby, nervous and genuinely detestable old man. God safe us his venom. God bless Somaliland