By Goth Mohamed Goth  

Hargeisa-The third ruling KULMIYE party convention which was due to commence yesterday the 22th of March has once again being indefinitely postponed with no proper reason being given by top party brass

Recently H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) named a committee conciliating the wrangles among top party echelon blamed for stalling the third ruling party convention which is already long overdue. The committee which is made up of ten members has recently demonstrated their resolve in deploying all means in the disposal in a bid to find a solution to the current internal party conflict.

The Third party convention was due to be held in the 21st of January but was postponed due to party infighting this was when HE President Intervened naming the dialogue committee and since the time of holding the party convention was long overdue he set 22th of March 23, 2014 as the day the ruling party shall take place but this proved not to be the case after the party chairman Hon Muse Bihi announced the postponement yesterday in a interview he gave Horn Cable Television.

Reliable reports emerging from party insiders say the reason which prompted the current postponement of the third party convention has something to do with misunderstand among party delegates on how to award delegates party positions through tribal quotas, this to the disappointment of some delegates.

It’s also said there is a rift in the party top committees with the steering committee advocating for delegates quotas should be awarded through regional representation while the executive committee tribal representations.

This is the second time in a row this year that the party’s third convention has being postponed because of a recurrence of factional infighting in the party , we shall sit back and watch for the next to be taken by the party .