HARGEISA, 20 February 2010 (Somalilandpress) – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia took productive step by allowing the livestock exports from Somaliland and Somalia. The livestock exports are economy backbone for both the countries, and 90% of daily income of Somali families is from livestock revenue. The Somali people at the horn of Africa cheered the decision of the kingdom to end the nine years old ban.

Historically, the Arabian Peninsula unveiled the importance and commercial quantity of Somali livestock during 19th century, after British Empire supplied meat to its military at Aden, Yemen, from the horn of African region, which caught the attention of the Yemeni traders, who later started exporting the meat and livestock from Somaliland to Saudi Arabia. The export of livestock by Yemeni traders was from the horn of Africa, Yemen and to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

In 1956, the first Somali businessman called Sufi Hassan exported from Berbera to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia directly and without Yemeni traders. The livestock business continued between Saudi Arabia and Somaliland without health certificates and laboratory checkups, until recently after Rift Valley Fever was discovered in the region, and Saudi authorities banned the livestock from the region.

Somaliland and regional health authorities announced that animals of the region are not sick and there was no Rift Valley Fever, instead there is political propaganda to disable some of the fast-growing economies like Somaliland. However, Saudi Arabia continued listening to such propaganda and ban lasted for nine years.

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Late 2008, Somaliland authorities and Saudi businessman Al-Jabiri joined hands to restore this traditional livestock trade between Somaliland and Saudi Arabia, and Quarantine Center at Berbera City was construction in coordination with Al-Jabiri. The center won international quality and standard accreditation. The nine year long ban on Somali livestock exports to Saudi Arabia damaged the income of the average Somali families across the region.

After the Saudi government led by his highness the King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz restored the trade link and lifted the ban, the entire Somali people in the region welcomed the decision because for them it was between death and life. The people of Somaliland thanks to the King Abdullah and Ministry of Livestock of Saudi Arabia for the humanitarian and courageous decision.

The Saudi government realized that lifting the ban from Somali livestock exports will be more valuable to the Somali people than the millions of dollars in aid. The people of Somaliland praised Saudi authorities for distinguishing between the trade and politics in Somalia.

The Saudi authorities should know that Berbera port is the major export center for Somali livestock, and newly constructed quarantine center is to ensure the safety of the animals according to international standards. Bosasso Port of Puntland comes to second inline in export business.

Again, the people of Somaliland and Somalia are thanking to his highness the King of Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz for lifting the ban.

By – Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi
Email: az.almutairi@yahoo.com

Source: Buzzle.com


  1. Al-Mutairi is very diplomatic and we wish to have people like him at our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He writes the article at the right time and place. He priases the people based on the interest for Somaliland. He neglects the minor divisions in Somaliland politics (bewteen ruling and opposition parties). This man is complete diplomatic, statesman and write.

    We salute you Mr. Al-Mutairi, welldone and keep it up.

  2. I hate to thank that Saudi they call King but I guess it's diplomacy and besides our friend Mr. Al Mutairi is Saudi himself.

    All the Muslim problems are created by that Saudi man and Saudi Kingdom, every single problem now they on the front line to undermine Iran, those Saudi royals make me sick.

    They are lazy and extremely obese and ignorant. If today they hear Somaliland has strong economy I am certain Saudi Arabia would pay any one to create unstability and unrests, that's what they do to every Muslim land.

    Al Shabab = Saudis.
    Al Qaeda = Saudis
    They want Iran bombed more than the Israelis even Israel is surprised.

    This is one sick Arab regime and I think all Muslims should boycott the Hajj (pilgram) until those obese Saudis fix themselves up, not to show power but to show those Saudis the real truth what we Muslims think of them.

    • What an ignorant individual you are. You just shouting baseless accusations. If anybody is sick here it is you. The King deserves all the praise for lifting the livestock ban from Somaliland

    • I think you need to calm down on them. Last time I checked the Saudis were literally fighting against Al-Qaeda which means they certainly would not take a liking on the Al-shabab who are purely bred Somalis, fresh off the Somali soils:).
      Well Iran is a separate issue. Most Arab nations, Except for Syria and Qatar,are scared by Iran. They think Iran wants to take over the region. Well Iran doesnt help itself by declaring the 'Arabian gulf' to be 'Persian gulf' or by claiming to own the Gulf country Bahrain, saying its actually Persian. Or the UAE's island, which is still in dispute.

      Its little things like that cause tensions and besides, most of it could be propaganda for others that want to Isolate Iran for their own benefits. (read: America,Israel etc..)

  3. The history of friendship and support for King Abdul Aziz during the creation of the Kingdom in early 20th century was there and should not have been forgotten so fast after oil boom. The history has witnessed that the people of Somaliland have helped the then King of Saudi Arabia-King Abdul Aziz Al Saud, but it seems those who came after him do not read the history well. There are thousands of Saudi nationals of Somaliland descent, and share history with that part of the World, There was no relations between Saudis & Somalia, before the Union of Somalia was created in 1960 and the power hungry of South have dominated the government of then Somalia.

    We would like the relations between Somaliland and Saudi Arabia is to be revisited by Saudis and stop dreaming of Somaliland will once again go back to mayhem of Somalia. We value the brotherly relations with most of the Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia which is almost our neighbour, but the other side has to realize that. Islam forbids that a nation like Somaliland is to be Penalized because they have re-claimed their lost sovereign. The people of Somaliland welcomes the latest Saudi move and we thank whoever sanctioned this order of lifting embargo. If it is direct intervention of the King himself, we valued more and pray for Allah forgiveness in his next life.

  4. Kayse,

    For your info we are not doing Hajj to please the king of Saudi Arabia, we doing Hajji cuz allah ordered us to do so. O may be u didn't know!

    But anyway praise to allah.

  5. There was no a such thing as "Rift Valley Fever". It was politically motivated move to bring Somalilanders to their knees. We didn't die. We survived and held our heads up without stooping or lowering our pride and dignity that we are well-known for.

    It is good that Saudis realized now that they made a mistake and lifted the ban. We can forgive them, but we will never forget that they chose to hit us hard in belly when we needed them most.

    Saudis should understand that trading between countries is give and take. We also spend millions of dollars buying from them. That doesn't count for anything? Somalilanders are puting all their eggs in one basket. They ought have an alternative plan from now and on, should Saudi Arabia bans our livestock once again we should also stop buying from and look for different market for our livestock. For example, we should go to India, Japan, and China.

  6. Did the current Saudi Government and its people know that Somaliland was under the Grand Sherif's of Mecca rule between 1630 – 1830? We Somalilanders believe that if the present Saudis knew this history, they woul'nt have done what they did to Somaliland, and I believe they don't know it. There is a widely known say or proverb "Arabs do not read and if they read do not understand". Somaliland will stay forever, whether Egypt & Saudi Arabia like it or not.
    Omer Boqoljire


  7. Dear Mr. Almtutairi,

    Thank you for your untiring support for the noble cause of independence for Somaliland.

    Howevr your latest article, Somaliland's Deepest Gratitude to King Abdullah is entirely miss- placed. Since when has trade between nations or entities regardless of their diplomatic status became a humanterian act?

    A humanitarian gesture, as I have no doubt you are well aware of , is concerned where one party offers assistance to a second party solely for compassionate reasons without expecting anything in return. A case in point is the on going international effort pouring unconditional aid to earth quake ravaged Haiti.

    In the Somali – Saudi case, there is nothing humanitarian in ending a ban on livestock trade between two countries only after the conditions that led to the ban have been rectified. Somalis bring their commodity to the marked and the Saudis purchase it because they need it for their own consumption. It is as simple as that.

    Having said this, Somaliland will be deeply grateful to the people of Saudi Arabia and to their king if only they acknowledge Somaliland' right to self-determination, and to their right to choose their destiny.

    Osman Adam

  8. No need to thank anyone but the hardworking people who made sure we got the the international quality and standard accreditation. FACT

  9. LOOOK PEOPLE!!!!!
    this king is making the bigggggest mistake in his hole life.This is because being a king is !Haram! am just 15years old and i know wat haram is. I think if that king wasssssssss GONE Saudi arabia would be a correct Muslim COUNTRY.

    • Being a king is haram?
      What about the ottoman kings and the muslim mongols? They were great people. Are they haram?

      And im 13 yrs old