1. An inspiring, impressive and influential foreign policy:

No doubt that the Somaliland’s current foreign policy is absolutely determined and committed to serving and securing the interests and reputation of our country as the Beacon of peace, stability and democracy in the Horn of African Region. It is a policy that never assumes a retreating and hesitant posture but rather remains proactive on all diplomatic fronts. It is a policy that gives a different turn and twist on how the contemporary foreign policy of the Somaliland Republic should be waged. It is an inspiring, impressive and influential foreign and international cooperation policy that has put our country on the right track. Somaliland’s current foreign policy is a policy with audacity and confidence that breaks the barriers of self-imposed exclusion and limitation of the last two decades.

To keep pace with transnational security, economic and diplomatic relevant matters in the Horn of African region and beyond, a kind of thoughtful foreign policy with courage and daring instinct is of a paramount importance. This is the only way to serve and safeguard the ever more shifting geopolitical interests of our country and people. Before President Ahmed Silaanyo came to power, Somaliland was a completely out of sight, remote and anonymous country that no one missed or noticed of its presence at regional and international policy levels. Years and years of self-imposed exclusion rendered to our country neither player nor spectator in relation to an active involvement and participation in the regional and international political, economic and diplomatic platforms.

Within a short period, the government of President Silaanyo has formulated a different but smart foreign policy approach which undoubtedly will contribute to the long-awaited recognition of our country. The current Foreign Policy of Somaliland’s approach is a promising and an encouraging sign for all peace and development loving Somaliland citizens, which is already resulted that our country makes overtures to the right direction. With the mind into the historical facts of our country and the errors and misjudgements made in the past by Somaliland’s political elites, the current Somaliland’s foreign policy focuses on the future and the way forward.

2. A competent and talented Minister:

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Somaliland Republic has beyond every doubt demonstrated throughout his diplomatic vision and skills and sustained achievements a belief in a constructive policy of engagement in international issues for peace, democracy and security relevant developments. He highlighted Somaliland’s democratic achievements and experiences that will serve as an example and provide useful lessons for all other African countries to learn and would certainly serve as a model in enhancing stability, democracy and development in the Horn of Africa. The Minister has succeeded in to export the best product of our country to abroad. He convinced to everyone the benefits and the need why the rest of the world should cooperate with our country.

With full of confidence and conviction, I should clearly underline that the integrity, sense of duty and determination of the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Dr. M.A.Omar) towards his country has never been under discussion. He is someone with a far-reaching diplomatic understanding, a competent and talented top diplomat who is equipped with common sense of doing diplomatic business. By right decision at the right time, by convenient approach and pre-emptive performance he avoids in advance any surprise or diplomatic failures. As a result, to all intents and purposes the Minister of Foreign Affairs proved his critics emphatically wrong.

3. Scurrilous and Biased Media Outlets:

It is deplorable to see the almost permanent and unfounded hostility of some biased media outlets towards the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International cooperation. They are continuously spreading false and damaging stories; they lie or twist the truth about the Minister and his national duties, with the sole intention to hurt him. They miss every sense of nationhood and patriotic responsibilities towards their own country and people. They (some media outlets) adopt the same state of mind and strategies as the enemies of Somaliland Republic who seriously want to destabilize the hard won peace and stability of our great nation.

Nevertheless, those unsubstantiated negative noises will never be able to stop the Foreign Minister doing his job. They will never succeed to discourage or distract him from realizing his ambition and goals. In fact, he is determined and committed more than ever before. He is adamantly eager to follow the courage of his conviction so that he will be able to serve and safeguard the geo-political interest of our country and people. No matter how much hatred and enviously are written and published on some scurrilous and biased media outlets (TVs, websites and newspapers), Somaliland’s cause, democracy process and its efforts for self-determination as a sovereign State will prevail.

May ALLAH (SXWT) protect the true and genuine patriot!
By |Architectural-Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein Deyr |UK|


  1. No comment from kayse ! Damnnn he must writing another anti Somaliland post while we reading this one.

    • Kayse is a son of Faqash mother and Ethiopian father, he has no place to comment in our country Somaliland.

  2. Yes indeed, Dr. Omer is doing a great service for his country, the Republic of Somaliland. Now the stage is open for the ignorant Somaliland hater to mumble their two- word Somaliland bashing comments. Go ahead you broken records. Your time begins now and do not forget to bring in your ladies too.

  3. Did the minister write this article himself? Mohamed Abdillahi Omar is a Somalilander, he is by all accounts a good man, a good father, a good husband and a good Muslim. But, he is absymal as a Foreign Minister. He has tried, but he just cannot hack. Let us be honest with each other, since 2010, under Mohammed's handling of our Foreign policy, we have managed to dig ourselves a hole, and and as they say, "When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging". Mohamed has got to go. There is no shame in trying and not making it. Before its too late, let us stop this slide.

  4. Unlike the current government of Somalia, the government of Somaliland came through the voices of its masses. The current government of Somaliland knows this very well that, they will never gamble with the security and the sovereignty of Somaliland without the full knowledge of its people. I therefore, trust the judgement of our government and the foreign minister to excel in every work they do for the people of Somaliland who brought them to power in the first place.

  5. This is like Texas and U.S, but lets not get side-tracked here the self-declared region of "somaliland" can not secede with the permission of The Republic of Somalia, and this recognition will never happen because no country ever wants to lose any land. If the people of this self-declared "country" maybe move to another area and try again who knows what could happen, but it'll never happen in Somalia. Even the region next to "somaliland" Puntland has more strength than them. You don't see them asking for secession. Long story short drop this delusional goal and the people in your area of the country can avoid another battle because The Republic of Somalia will not willingly let there land get taken and if a battle happens between one tribe and the rest of Somalia… the rest is self-explanatory.