By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeisa, Somaliland – In a move to strengthen youth development initiatives, Somaliland’s Ministry of Youth and Sports this week hosted a quarterly coordination meeting for stakeholders at the Barar Hotel in Hargeisa.

The ministry Director General, Mr. Abdirashid Aided Yassin, and Somaliland Youth Development fund director Khadar Ibrahim opened the conference, which brought together national and international organizations.

The focus of the meeting was to analyze the progress of three-month plans submitted by participating organizations. One key highlight was the presentation by the Somaliland Youth Fund regarding the development of a “Somaliland Youth Development Sector Dashboard.”

This innovative dashboard aims to become a central platform for tracking and visualizing critical data on youth development. Encompassing areas like education, employment, health, and social well-being, the dashboard will be accessible to government officials, civil society organizations, and the general public.

This initiative is expected to be a valuable tool for monitoring progress toward established youth development goals and pinpointing areas that require further focus and improvement.