Somalia and Eritrea Monitering Group( SEMG)  submitted a comprehensive report to the UN; accused Somali Federal Government(SFG) to support terrorist group Alshabab.

SEMG  said in a statement that the Somali government has failed to contain the arms control of traders and other armed groups. The report also said that Somalia has not adhered to the arms embargo, as well as lacking official information on the arms and ammunition provided by the Government of Somalia.

The SEMG added that Somali Federal Government rejected the Monitoring Group to visit on sites where weapons are deposited  to observe the weapons and other military equipment.

SEMG  said that government weapons are sold in the markets, with TFG soldier and senior members, including senior members of the  current prime minster government.,

The committee said in their statement the Government of Somalia obtained  up to 20,000  guns and 75 million gun bullets, including 70,000 RBJ 7 rockets. SEMG  accused SFG to refuse  accessing military bases  to control arms arsenal

The report also questioned the fact that the arms embargo imposed on the Government of Somalia has been softened and allow the federal government  importing small amount of weapons, meanwhile Somali federal government received more weapons and military equipment than was permitted.

A confidence information indicated that most of the arms of government falls on the wrong hands particularly to go into business groups and arms trafficking groups in the cities of Mogadishu, Baidoa and Ahlu Sunna controlled areas. The SEMG reported those weapons finally  allocate to the terrorist groups Alshebab and Da’ish whom are  active in Somalia. 
The UN report also noted that the weapons held by members of Al-Shabab in Kenya were domestic weapons from Somalia.
The SEMG's statement said the weapons possed federal government of Somalia is at risk of being taken or stolen; Somali federal government is not able to control, for example, what happened at Gordon's camp where Emirate provided military training, and confiscated by Somali federal army followed withdrawing from Emirates,  the government solders looted the weapons and handled improper way . Somali Army forces sold the weapons in the open market.

Finally, the reports expressed that FGS could not safeguarding  the weapon  and financial support receives from UN  members of states;   which most of them falls in the hands of terrorist group Alshabab and Daa’ish operating in Somali federal government territory.

Somali government requested to lift  on weapon embargo imposed by UN, however security council reject the request and decided the embargo to be sustained

Somaliland government welcomed the decision from UN related weapon embargo to be maintained. Somaliland government accused federal government Somalia of utilize those weapons attaching to Somaliland army, stationed  the border between the two countries.  in addition Somaliland government concerns that Alshebab and Dai’ish could receive the weapons easily.


In other words Somalia Federal Government is state’s sponsored terrorist. International community which supplies weapons and financial assist to the federal government to be reviewed their support to the weak federal government in order to avoid assisting indirectly to the terror groups which are danger for all,


Best regards,



Abdi A. Hassan,

Berbera, Somaliland