Arriving refugeesBy Goth Mohamed Goth
A small overcrowded ship carrying refugees escaping the contention in Yemen docked in Berbera port earlier on Friday evening.

Somaliland authorities and SRCS officials were at hand to receive the arriving refugees said to be numbering at least 222 mostly of Somali and Ethiopian origins.

The newly arrived refugees told Somaliland authorities that they spent two days and two nights aboard the small ship which nearly sank in rough seas.Arriving refugees.jpg2

Mr. Fahmi Abdi Bidaar, the regional governor of Sahil region speaking to reporters said, “We plan to settle in shelters temporary camp in Berbera. We have received at least 8 ships carrying refugees fleeing the fighting in Yemen to date.

On the 8th of April, a woman gave birth while at sea, on a boat that ferried refugees to Somaliland. Human life was brought forth in the midst of crisis, in desperate conditions.Yemenis are fleeing into any possible haven they consider safe and neighboring countries are already receiving refugees.