A cartoonist illustration of Dr. Ali Khalif Galydh ducking the security dragnet in Balicad

By Goth Mohamed Goth

Attempts by Dr. Ali Khalif Galydh and his henchmen to hold illegal gathering in Balicad in Buhoode region were thwart by Somaliland Armed forces units early Thursday morning.

Somaliland armed forces units entered the town which is situated 56Miles south of Buhoodle town without any resistance from the so called Khatuumo militia and are now in full control of Balicad town and the surrounding areas.

Residents of Balicad town came out in sheer numbers to welcome the Somaliland army after militiamen aligned to Khatuumo milita led by the rogue Dr. Ali Khalif Galydh and a prominent SFG MP fled the town towards the Ethiopian border.

The meeting which was due to take place on Friday was meant to destabilize parts of eastern region.

Somaliland army units are currently conducting security operations in the area to flush out any would be militia.

Somaliland has already beefed up security in the region and is determined to fend off any attempts to destabilize its borders and security forces in the region are expected to be on a high alert until further orders readiness so as to deal with any situation as it a rises.