The truth is that whoever undermines the security of a location, whether it is an individual or a group of individuals or, for that matter an institution or a set of institutions, the perpetrators are indeed the enemies of the locale, whether as a location, district or a country. Whatever happened in Balidig is so serious that, to a larger extent, can only be described in one small sentence.

The perpetrators were out to undermine the area security to the detriment of both countries.

Whoever they were, they were enemies of both the people of Somaliland and Ethiopia.

Better still, they are indeed enemies to both Somaliland and Ethiopia.

In a week that SL conducted hereself quite well whereby insecurity mischief was being witnessed, the Balidig incident, we dare say, was perpetrated by malicious foolhardiness.

While we support our President in wanting to have the incident investigated, we call upon Somalilanders wherever they are to uphold peaceful stability and maintain security as they have always been doing.

As for the Jama Dubbed massacre, we respect Ethiopan administration in minding her affairs just as we respect her territorial integrity. But for morality as elsewhere in the world, murder of children, the weak and unarmed people, especially in a sacred house of worship is condemnable, purnishable hence worthy of being decried.

We support our President in wanting it to be investigated too.

Having said that, we reiterate that the Ethiopian and Somaliland populations have shared strong bond of brethren-ship, security, commercial, marital and associated ties not only for decades or centuries but in fact for inilleneums .

The fortification and fledgling of the ties for the better are for the benefits of both nations.

It is incumbent upon both SL and Ethiopia to work harder towards the bolstering of the ties for the benefit of both nations when one is undermined, the other is dented and vice versa.

It is, we repeat, not only incumbent but indeed more obligatory for, again not only the governments but the peoples of both nations, to bolster the bilateral ties.

We should be committed to our obligations, and jointly, work together towards solidifying the ties to even greater and newer heights.

On the other hand we call upon our people, our MPs, our Guurti members and all leaders, traditional and otherwise, to forge together and support the Berbera – DP World agreements and the continued forward march to realize our aspirations.