Garad1By Goth Mohamed Goth

Mr. Mahmoud Garaad Mohmed, The deputy chairman of Somaliland human rights commission [SLNHRC) speaking to the press in response to the EU statement said The recent execution of the convicted six prisoners (Murderers) at Mandheera maximum, prison was actually part of the judicial law enforcement and supporting the maintenance of peace and promoting justice for the people of Somaliland and not in the way the EU has pointed as backward in the statement issued by the Heads of EU Member States from Nairobi

Somaliland as sovereign nation respects its obligations as a member of the international community and observes to the human rights and dignity of its people as enshrined in the Constitution and its laws and we don’t need someone else to dictate that to us’, he said .

Mr. Garaad added , “As a Nation we have never formally abolished nor suspended the death penalty within our territory and that’s it a well-known fact and we are not exceptional, even the most advanced country in the world such as America still carry out such punishment and we as nation have our own rules and laws which we must adhere to for instance Article 26 our constitution ,section, 1Punishment and crime are legalized by articles of law, and it’s not permitted to carry out punishments that are not in accordance with the law.

It is the prerogative of very sovereign state to develop its own justice system within its prescribed authority as sanctioned by the will of its people. It is therefore a function of the Government of the Republic of Somaliland to adhere to and implement the laws of the country.

The deputy chairman of SLNHRC went on to say, “The verdict to execute the convicts was long overdue but the national Judiciary Council and the government finally took the right decision in accordance with the law. It helps reduce and prevent crimes of murder and violence and that is contributing to strengthening peace and security measures.

Somaliland government respects the views of other nations and also owes a lot appreciation and gratefulness for the momentous cooperation with the European Union Member States but they should understand the sovereign status, privileges and maturity of Somaliland government to rule and determine what is serving best for the will and interests of her nation.