By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland government officials led by the Minister of Energy and Minerals Hon. Hussein Abdi Dualeh and the representatives of four international oil companies namely Genel ,DNO,RAK GAS, ANSAN WIKFI have this week met to discuss ways to accelerate oil exploration and extraction in the country in 2014 .

Hon. Hussein Abdi Dualeh in a press briefing said, “We have had constructive talks with our partners in our here in Dubai and we expect all four international oil companies deploy boots on the ground so as to begin 2D seismic exploration campaigns in Somaliland this year.

Somaliland government has in place the necessary measures needed to ensure the success of the exploration effort and we are ready work with our partners in embarking on a major public awareness in which will shall have engagement with the community before any major operation begins.

The Government of Somaliland has plans to form a special security unit known as “Somaliland Oil Protection Unit” which will guard oil exploration installations, and protect workers in the industry and their transportation systems.


  1. To all the self-respecting Somalilanders, I wish to see our great Somaliland compatriots to see beyond the lies of those few corrupt officials who are misappropriating our resources and selling our future generations resources without anybody questioning and stand up for them courageously so they'll know that we are not small ants and termites and we are equally responsible and care for our country. Let us stand up and say no to EX ADNOC sales man and the likes.
    We have had enough of this and can't tolerate it any day longer. This is our land and Somalilander has a right to live in his own country with respect without being terrorized by RRU. let them give way to real Patriots of Somaliland to lead us to a real prosperity and not an imaginary one!

  2. This is excellent news for Somaliland an am sure we heading the right direction and lets support our energy minister to fulfil this promise insha allah as the say they "where there is a will there is a way". In my view Somaliland has the potential to thrive and if we get the energy production up running this will bring employment, development and prosperity with this kind of much needed revenue our country can improve its infrastructure development. Together as Somalilanders we can achieve great a great deal as our population is quite small of about 3.5million and with the size of the country we occupy and the resource we should be the likes of GCC, all we need is a visionary, commitment, trusting and supporting our leaders and of course they should be accountable themselves and it’s a question of getting the cheques and balances right and we do have educated society coming from of all walks of life and with depth of diverse experience and skills from International countries.

    In the light of this we should be positive and learn from past mistakes and move on and have a clear strategy as we have put in place now. Let’s forget the petty politics and personality and be patriotic and nationalists for once and put Somaliland first than any other issues.

    • Kolo, you've said it, we need visionaries but these people are no visionaries and i am not motivated by anything other than my love for my country, by the way i do not live in my country Somaliland but i observe and monitor what's going on in my country from abroad, so i can safely say that we've seen enough of this people and even though i supported them against their predecessors and any hope that they will perform better has just vanished now. My word of advice to my people is that wake up brothers and sisters now before it's to late!
      Have a good night sleep!