By Goth Mohamed Goth

A well-attended ceremony was held today at the sprawling Gulaid Hotel for the launching of the new innovative E-Dahab mobile money service by Dahabshill group and SOMTEL one of the leading telecommunication companies in the country , the new service will allow customers to use their money for transfers, purchases, payment of bills, and airtime recharge.

Abdirahman Ali Abdi, the General Manager of Dahabshiil Operations Center briefed the participants on the benefits of the new service to be launched, and its contribution to the development of the business sector and general economy. He, also, took the participants through the different areas that Dahabshiil Group covers in business, and how all of these areas return value to the society as part of its social responsibility program.

Mr. Jama Hashi Mahmoud, the managing director of SOMTEL ,“The Company is always committed to provide the best and advanced communication services its customers, SOMTEL provides affordable rates of both local and international calls which enable its customers to take advantage of modest means for transformative communication.

“E-DAHAB is a service of Somtel International Limited that allows you to upload funds into your mobile and pay for just about anything. From a grocery store to a shopping mall or eating out with friends”, he said.

Mr. Said Mohamed Said, a member of the board at SOMTEL said, “SOMTEL has in the past played a unique role in creating a dynamic online experience by introducing new services, among them the high speed internet 4G and now E-Dahab that benefit somalilanders both local and in the Diaspora and will help spur the growth of both large and small businesses in Somaliland.

Mr. Fuad Ahmed Nuh, the managing director of E-Dahab speaking at the venue said, “The new E-Dahab mobile money services was first introduced to the country in late 2014 and has since its inception attracted more than 100,000 registered customers in all regions of the country , more than anticipated and continues to see an expanding customer base.

The chairman of Somaliland chamber of commerce Mr. Mohamed Shukri speaking at the launching ceremony of the new mobile money services said, “SOMTEL is best known for blending hard-core design skills and project management and marketing know-how in communication advancement and in showcasing the wide range of services it offers to both Somaliland and the horn region as a whole, I urge you to continue the good work.

Mr. Abdi Dirir , the Governor of Somaliland Central Bank also among the dignitaries speaking at the venue said, “I , on behalf of the central bank would like to laud the Dahabshiil group for launching the new online mobile money service which I hope would promote growth in the business sector and is expected enhance provision of value added services ,diversification and product innovations, and capacity expansion to enhance access and quality services.

Vice President H.E Abdurrahman Abdullah Ismael Saylici today was the guest of honor at the opening of the ultra-modern E-DAHAB online money banking services headquarters located in the central business district in Hargeisa.

Vice President H.E Abdurrahman Abdullah Ismael Saylici speaking moments after cutting the tape to new multi-million Dahabshil Bank business complex said, “I happy to attend the grand opening of E-Dahab new headquarters , Dahabshill group has played an important role in the development and progress made in the country since the time of the civil war , today the launching of E-DAHAB online services hails a new era and I believe it contribute to the economic development of this nation ,Somaliland needs investment in order to grow our economy and increase the business opportunities ,I do hereby take this opportunity laud Mr. Mohamed Said Duale for his contributions to the nation and may Allah bless him.

The Somaliland Ministers for Finance and Civil Aviation, Abdiaziz Mohamed Samaale and Mohamoud Hashi Abdi, respectively, also spoke of how appropriate the new service will be to business and economic development.

The newly launched E-Dahab mobile money services will benefit the whole society, private and public companies government and both local non-government organizations and agencies.

fast and time saving, simple, least cost, save and secure, consumer, activities reports/statements

Dealers are the main entity of E-Dahab Heirarchy, they provide to shops ability to gain benefits.

— The dealer package include :

  • – Knowing your account and store balances.
  • – Moving money among the stores.
  • – Managing your stores by enabling or disabling from them to do activities.
  • – Managing your accounts by changing languages, security PIN e.t.c

The main advantages of merchant menu are:

  • – Knowing your account balance.
  • – Canceling customer transaction in the case of wrong amount.
  • – Enabling withdrawing cash from your account.
  • – Managing your cashiers’ balances and activities.
  • – Recharging your E-voucher agents.
  • – Managing your accounts by changing languages, security PIN e.t.c


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