By M.A. Egge

The Sool Regional Governor Mr. Yasin M. Shide has declared the region to be a much better area, contrary to past media-held perspectives, as far as security and peaceful stability is concerned.

The RG was candid enough to have admitted that he held similar reserves speculations prior to his posting to Lasanod.

He was giving a general press conference yesterday after a peaceful change of guard at the local town hall in which the local councllors deposed the incumbent mayor Abdiqadir for a new one, Mayor Osman Jama.

The RG talked on a wide variaty of issues ranging from security, public services, general development, social infrastructure, health and educational sectors.

He said that his work of coordinating the public services sector and general administration has been made easy by the strong desire of the area residents to focus on development.

He said that the few complaints he would address emanates from salaries of some of traditional leaders “I’ll recommend to the ministry of Interior resuming the remunerations”, said RG Shide.

He proclaimed the town of Lasanod to be amongst the most peaceful, “given that there are completely no petty pilferers and no cases of mugging”.

He appealed to the members of youth to uphold their conduct and continue being vigilant at all times.